Karen Huger Denies Saying Wendy Wasn’t Pretty Enough to be on RHOP and Calls Out Gizelle For “Bold Faced Lie,” Plus Monique Slams Gizelle and Candiace For Reunion Behavior and Says Fans Will “Learn Full Story Soon”

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Karen Huger Denies Saying Wendy Wasn't Pretty Enough to be on RHOP and Calls Out Gizelle For “Bold Faced Lie,” Plus Monique Slams Gizelle and Candiace For Reunion Behavior and Says Fans Will "Learn Full Story Soon"

Karen Huger and Monique Samuels are coming for their co-stars after a feisty part one of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion.

Karen first responded to a fan who wondered if she had seen Gizelle Bryant on Bravo’s Chat Room speaking on the implication that Karen allegedly said newcomer Wendy Osefo wasn’t “pretty enough” to be on the RHOP.

“I did and I responded. It reads as follows. Hi Wendy I was shocked and horrified to hear Gizelle on the chat room tonight; make up a bold face lie saying that I made Derogatory comments about your appearance/looks,” Karen tweeted back, seemingly quoting a text she sent Wendy on the matter. “I think you are a beautiful woman and I caution you (continued) […]” 

“[…]that Gizelle lied to you at the lake house about what I said before with the floozy comment. If her lies caused you any pain this evening, you should know that Gizelle will hurt someone else to get to me. Gizelle has done this before. Sorry she made you the subject vindictiveness,” Karen completed the tweet regarding the text she sent to Wendy.

Karen went on to blast Gizelle as a liar, and she called out how her RHOP co-star is using Bravo’s Chat Room as a platform.

“@GizelleBryant knows she is lying and she can only get away with these lies by saying them behind my back. My response face to face would prove her words a bold face lie,” Karen stated. “Her blatant abuse of @bravochatroom is exposing her true self. Very sad and telling. Pray for her #rhop[.]” 

Monique also came for Gizelle on Sunday night, tweeting along with the airing of the first part of the RHOP reunion. The Not For Lazy Moms blogger doubled down on the accusations she made toward her co-star regarding her beau Jamal Bryant‘s alleged cheating and the supposed fakeness of his and Gizelle’s relationship.

Is that his number? ???? I don’t spread rumors I spread facts,” Monique tweeted, referencing her receipt binder’s information about Jamal. “You want to spread lies about me? I’ll spread the truth about you FRAUD! #rhop[.]” 

So y’all can call me, a black woman, a hood rat or ghetto but “don’t use the word aggressive?” Mannnn STFU #rhop,” Monique went on, referencing Candiace Dillard-Bassett‘s digs at her after their altercation and what she perceived to be the women’s hypocrisy at the reunion after Wendy said the words “aggressive” and “ferocious” were “inflammatory.” 

The reality star then responded to a fan’s critique of her behavior at the reunion. She called out Monique for exposing these receipts about Jamal and Gizelle, thinking it could negatively affect Gizelle’s family.

“Giselle’s girls did NOT deserve that. I hope you feel good about yourself, Chile!” the user exclaimed.

“I do because my child didn’t either. If she can dish it, she better take it,” Monique clapped back, teasing more to come. “You’ll learn the full story soon enough.” 

The second part of The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion airs next Sunday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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