Ex Makeup Artist For Shannon Beador Slams “Erratic” RHOC Star For “Constant Need to Be Famous,” Says She ‘Threw Tamra Under the Bus,’ Ghosted Him and Dissed Honda Car as “Piece of S–t,” Plus Live Viewing Thread!

by Cynthia Cook

Ex Makeup Artist For Shannon Beador Slams "Erratic" RHOC Star For "Constant Need to Be Famous," Says She 'Threw Tamra Under the Bus,' Ghosted Him and Dissed Honda Car as "Piece of S--t"

A former makeup artist to Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge is spilling all the Real Housewives of Orange County tea, and it’s not looking so great for Shannon.

The makeup artist, Tommy William Echaves, took to his Instagram Stories on Tuesday night to rant about former client Shannon, dragging her for “erratic” and needy behavior, ghosting him and Tamra out of nowhere, being driven by the need to be famous, and more.

Read on to see what the ex-artist-to-the-OC-stars has to dish about what went on behind-the-scenes and what kind of serious Shannon shade he has in his makeup bag of tools.

“Most of you all know I am a HUGE housewives fan and I was blessed with an opportunity to be a back up makeup artist to Tamra Judge,” Tommy began. “She was the best and super sweet and most importantly she liked the way I glammed her. Tamra asks me if I can start doing Shannon’s makeup as she does not have an artist this season so of course I jumped at it!”

Makeup artist Tommy-William Echaves with Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge

Makeup artist Tommy William-Echaves pictured with Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge

“So, true to the show Shannon[‘s] personality was large! She loved the way I did her makeup that I was glamming her  [with] 4-5 day[s] a week,” the artist continued. “[I] even taught her my technique and what I used to create the look she loved that she even went to a MAC location, called me to tell the sales clerk all the products I used so she could grab them. I didn’t mind at all I was flattered that Shannon LOVED my work.”

“So after being with Shannon 3-4 days every week for 6 months and not only being her makeup artist I was her therapist and I thought friend as we talked about the men in her life,” he continued. “Shannon was so erratic and turned to Tamra every chance she could. I think every time I was doing her makeup she had Tamra on speaker like a teenager who needed her ‘best friend.'”

“Shannon’s personality started to be taken over by this constant need to be famous. When she found out I wasn’t Instagram famous she was almost appalled ????,” Tommy continued in his Story.

He went on, “She mocked her daughters [sic] friend for having a ‘piece of s–t Honda’ while her daughter drives a Mercedes or BMW. One day Shannon needed a ride to her boyfriends [sic] home and asked me if I could give her a ride … she got into my piece of s–t Honda and made fun of my dirty windshield lol!!”

“Whatever, I’m not rich and I’m ok with that,” the makeup artist continued. “I liked our Honda it was great to us. Well to make things way shorter, after all that time with her and even picking out her outfits she completely ghosts me. I would text her and nothing. This is the lady who cried on my shoulder, had a breakdown in my makeup chair and asked me to help clean her room and hide in her closet so her now boyfriend didn’t know that she didn’t do her own makeup …”

“I even witnessed Shannon throwing Tamra under the bus to a producer. THE ONLY REAL FRIEND SHE HAD AND CALLED MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY!” Tommy exclaimed, noting the feud between the two women.

“So I’m surprised I was shocked to hear what Shannon was saying about me,” he went on. “She had told people that I was bugging her and wouldn’t leave her alone. Do you know what that could do for my reputation? So bad that even people who would never believe it, did.”

The makeup artist went on with texts from the RHOC star, citing the “stalking” Shannon was alleging from him.

“Is she the ghost or am I stalking her? Lmao,” he wrote about a text exchange that drops off late last year.

“So Tamra left the show and that was the last of my OC Housewives dream,” he concluded. “When Shannon learned that Tamra wasn’t coming back she decided that she didn’t need her either and completely ghosted her too. To Shannon, everyone is disposable including those who have been there for her.”

Tommy went on about his prospects after Shannon left him high and dry, “I was super depressed that my talents meant nothing to her. Mostly I was upset, insecure and wondering what I will do for work now ????[.]”

To close out his posts, Tommy added that he has since ‘forgiven’ Shannon, and that shortly after she ‘ghosted him,’ he was able to find another great working opportunity at his church.

He added: “The point of this story… God has his own plans for you. What is meant for you is yours. God will find you if you open your heart. God will send perfect strangers as angels to lift you from whatever you’re going through.”

Shannon Beador make up artist Tommy

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