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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Dolores Catania Talks Possibility of Marriage and Shows Off 25-Pound Weight Loss! Teases Upcoming Season Of RHONJ By Calling It “Visceral” and “Draining”

Dolores Catania Talks Possibility of Marriage and Shows Off 25-Pound Weight Loss! Teases Upcoming Season Of RHONJ By Calling It "Visceral" and "Draining”

Dolores Catania has turned 50 and she’s looking more fabulous than ever! The reality star is showing off her incredible body and weight loss, dishing on what fans can expect from the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and discussing whether or not she sees marriage in her future.

Season 11 of RHONJ is reportedly set to return in early 2021 and Dolores is definitely camera ready. The star turned 50 on December 28, and she has shared photos that are captioned “Throwback Thursday” to help commemorate the milestone birthday and her 25-pound weight loss.

“Thanks to @elitehealthcenternj I was able to lose 25 pounds on their 45 day HCG weight loss program,” she continued in the caption. “It’s been over a year now and I’ve been able to maintain my weight and have never felt better.”

While donning a simple T-shirt with leggings in the before and after pics, she does appear thicker (but still gorgeous) in the older photo, but there are some obvious changes in her figure in the most recent pic. Dolores admits to going under the knife for a tummy tuck, but she has also been following a rigorous weight loss plan and taking hormone shots in order to maintain her noticeably smaller stature.

“I had lost 25-pounds from dieting and still wasn’t completely comfortable with my body,” she told People in July after her tummy tuck procedure. “I found myself still wanting to cover up.”

“Once I hit my goal weight and I knew that my stomach wouldn’t be the way I wanted it to, even if I worked out, I knew it was time,” Dolores added.

The reality star also celebrated her birthday by having dinner with two of her closest friends, and even though it’s out of her “comfort zone,” she plans to have a larger bash once things get back to normal.

“Having a party and that kind of attention on myself is so out of my comfort zone,” she explained to E! in a new interview. “So I’m going to push myself… I’m going to make myself do something for this birthday when things open up.”

When asked if she and her current boyfriend, David Principe, have any plans for marriage, Dolores didn’t rule it out. She then went on to discuss co-star Teresa Giudice‘s unexpected romance with Luis Ruelas.

“Life brings the craziest things. Like, you can never say never and you don’t know what could happen,” she said. “Look at Teresa, when you hear the story, you’re going to be like, ‘wow.’ You’d think he fell out of the sky, but you just never know what life brings you. So, can I see myself married again? I guess with the right person,” she revealed.

Also in the interview, the mother-of-two hinted at the drama fans can expect from the upcoming season of RHONJ.

“You’re going to see fights that you haven’t seen in years,” Dolores teased. “Like visceral, visceral, emotional fights. After the episode[s] and after these certain scenes – and every single f*cking one of us has [fights] – you’re gonna have to take a nap. It’s draining. It’s draining!”

As fans know, RHONJ is known for its sometimes out of control, long-lasting drama, but according to Dolores, season 11 might just be the most “draining” yet.

“The things that have gone on this season, the next day we were still, like, knocked out, emotionally drained. Every single cast member,” she revealed.

Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/Startraksphoto


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