Meghan King Explains Why Divorce Is Delayed A Year After Split From Jim Edmonds As RHOC Alum Admits To Being “Lonely”

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RHOC Alum Megan King Says Divorce From Jim Edmonds Is Delayed Due To "COVID Courts" As She Admits To Being "Lonely" After A Year Of "Hell"

Meghan King dishes on her horrible 2020, her delayed divorce, and what she’s looking forward to in 2021.

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum admits that she had a really rough year. She did not accomplish the goals or resolutions she had set for the past year, but she’s hoping things will change for her soon. As fans likely know, she split from her husband of five years, Jim Edmonds, in 2019, and the former couple has been blasting one another publicly ever since.

Meghan and Jim tied the knot in 2014 and later welcomed three children, Aspen, 4, and twin boys Hayes and Hart, 2, of whom they currently share 50/50 custody. Meghan was romantically involved with Christian Schauf for a short period of time, but she is single once again. As for Jim, he has moved on and is seemingly in a rather serious relationship with girlfriend Kortnie O’Connor.

The former reality star recently revealed that she’s dating again, but dating in a pandemic isn’t exactly ideal. At the same time, as ready as she is for a fresh start, divorcing during a pandemic is apparently just as complicated because Meghan claims “COVID Courts” are delaying her divorce from Jim. Referring back to her unaccomplished 2020 goals, she reveals in her latest blog that she’s frustrated.

“Back to 2020 goals, looking back mine were pretty lofty. *Insert sarcasm and keep reading.* My main one was to get divorced but here I am married as ever,” Meghan wrote. “Dude, [COVID] courts won’t even let me get divorced.”

The Intimate Knowledge podcast host goes on to say, “Pretty much sums up 2020: I can’t even accomplish the sh*ttest thing on my list.”

She understands that she isn’t the only person suffering, but she confesses to having had a tremendously difficult time throughout the pandemic and quarantine.

“Trauma we’ve experienced is so real and so collective that we don’t even need to empathize with words or actions, we all just already know exactly how everyone else feels.” She then added, “This must be what hell is like.”

Nevertheless, she’s hoping things will look up for her in 2021 and that she can at least accomplish one major goal within the year.

“Getting divorced would be great,” Meghan shared. “That’s such a morbid thing to think about [and] to look forward to, but it’s funny how things change.”

The RHOC alum isn’t being selfish, though. She also has big plans to work with several charities, particularly one nonprofit that helps women around the world by building seamstress factories.

“I’m really excited about helping others, or helping others while helping myself too, which I think is a huge part of being a newly single woman. I feel empowered by helping others. Therefore, it helps propel me forward,” she revealed.

Meghan has also been candid about being a single mother, and she admits that it has been challenging for her at times, especially within the past year. She’s also struggling with the fact that she doesn’t have a significant other.

“I mean, I’m an adult who’s been driven by societal expectations for 36 years,” the mother-of-three told Us Weekly. “It’s just hard to one day decide that that’s not what I’m going to do anymore. I’m single. I have a new house. I’m all by myself in it. On one hand, I’m so proud and I feel incredibly empowered, and on the other hand, I’m lonely. I want somebody to share this life that I’ve built with me.”