PHOTOS: Jim Edmonds Accuses Ex Meghan of Leaving House “Dirty and Messy” After She Moved Out and Shares Photos of the “Pigsty” as the RHOC Alum Responds to Jim’s Digs About Her

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PHOTOS: Jim Edmonds Accuses Ex Meghan King Edmonds of Leaving House “Dirty and Messy” After She Moved Out and Shares Photos of the Home’s Condition as the RHOC Alum Responds to Jim’s Digs About Her

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Meghan King is moving on to a new house and a new life, but her estranged husband, Jim Edmonds, claims there are a few things she left behind.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member first posted to her Instagram account on Thursday to declare herself moved out of the St. Louis home she used to share with her ex Jim. She also revealed her mixed emotions about the move.

I have the contents of my freezer in the grocery bags and I’m OUT!” Meghan exclaimed on her Instagram post after she left the home. “I cried as I left my beautiful former home ???????? of 6 1/2 years and thanked it for all the lovely memories as I walked through each room… May only happiness and joy exude from my new house and may my old house be purchased by a family who will love it as much as I did. ”

Following her exit, Jim returned to the home more than a year after moving out, only to call out his ex for the mess he alleges she left behind.

Sharing numerous stories with his 166,000 Instagram followers, Jim walked through the home to reveal the state of each room, claiming Meghan had left the place “dirty and messy,” much to his chagrin.

“Today’s the big day. I got my house back,” the retired baseball player said on his Stories on December 10. “Tenants moved out, and I get to clean it up and put it up for sale. Hopefully, somebody cleaned it up a little bit, but we will see.”

Jim then showed the dirty details of the kitchen, displaying the clutter left on counters, “lots of fingerprints” on the stainless steel doors of the refrigerator, and freezer drawers with leftover food.

“Not used to this landlord stuff here,” Jim stated behind the camera. “I didn’t realize that someone would leave a house this dirty and messy. I have four people in here throwing trash away that was just left behind.”

The former athlete then showed off  “more trash” in the bathroom, where he also discovered “some poop in the toilet.”

Meghan then responded to the shade from her ex, telling Us Weekly“I’m going through an emotionally heavy transition, and I’m choosing to only look for the positive because the negative is too much for me to take on right now. I’m very excited to be in my new home with my children!”

A source for Jim also spoke to the outlet about the mess, defending Jim’s position.

“It took close to a year to get Meghan to finally leave the house so Jim could put it up for sale, and when she finally did vacate, she left the place looking like a pigsty,” the source said. “There was garbage everywhere and everything was dirty. In addition, she removed community property from the house without asking.”

A second source then countered the idea about Meghan being neglectful, claiming the mother-of-three actually hired a cleaning service that was disrupted by certain actions by Jim.

“Meghan hired a cleaning person to go to the home early this morning, but Jim had already changed the code, so the cleaner couldn’t enter,” the source revealed. “Meghan then arranged for the cleaner to return at 1 p.m. (in fact, she’s still there cleaning now), and Meghan communicated this information to Jim this morning. Jim should be celebrating becoming a grandfather [earlier this week] rather than attempting to humiliate his soon-to-be ex-wife by showing her toilet on Instagram.”

Meghan also backed up that source’s claim in a response to a fan (via Bravo Snark Side).

“Maybe the stuff left behind is his stuff???” a fan wrote. “Plus, maybe he told her not to clean it or there is a cleaning crew hired to come in. Jim is a douche[.]”

“I hired my cleaning lady to clean,” Meghan wrote in response. “She actually cleaned today (coordinated with my ex but I provided and paid for her). What happened?”

As Meghan and Jim work out the details of their divorce, they have both moved on with other partners, with Jim starting to date model Kortnie O’Connor in April and Meghan seeing businessman Christian Schauf. Meghan’s relationship was cut short, though, in November.