RHONJ: Bill Aydin on Why He ‘Wants to Forget’ Jennifer Aydin’s Drunken Night as She Admits She Has “No Memory” of the Event

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RHONJ: Bill Aydin 'Wants to Forget' Jennifer Aydin's Drunken Night and Says His Ferrari Needed a "Full Detail" After Wife Threw Up as She Admits She Has "No Memory" of the Event

Bill Aydin is speaking out about Jennifer Aydin‘s drunken antics on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

After watching his wife get wasted at a pool party thrown by Teresa Giudice, Bill looked back on Jennifer’s wild behavior, which resulted in her puking in his brand new Ferrari, as Jennifer admitted the party was a blur and Margaret Josephs explained why she dropped her on her face.

“It’s one that I want to forget,” Bill said on the RHONJ: After Show on March 17. “I honestly did not see it coming… It happened very fast.”

Joe Gorga looked back on the moment as well.

“We were watching the whole thing,” he said of himself and Bill. “Tony gets in the pool with his ripped abs, his chest out, no disrespect to Bill but he’s got this flat chest. And then you got Jen that’s sitting around this hot guy. She didn’t know what to do. She was losing it so she was just shooting [shots]… and she took too many. I was telling Bill, ‘Look at your wife, look at what she’s doing. Are you okay with that?’”

While Bill seemed unbothered by the sexy man’s proximity to his wife, he was a bit peeved about what happened in his new car, stating, “I did have to get a full detail.”

In her own defense, Jennifer admitted that while she did throw up in the vehicle, she had puked so much beforehand that there wasn’t much of a mess.

“By that time, there was nothing left anyway. A little bit came up and it was on the seatbelt and I actually took one for the team and threw up on myself and my Chanel bathing suit all to avoid throwing up on the car,” she shared.

During another segment of the RHONJ: After Show, Jennifer attempted to remember the events of Teresa’s bash.

“I have no memory of the pool party,” Jennifer said. “I remember getting into the pool for the tequila pong [and] the very next thing I remember is fragments of men carrying me to the car.”

Prior to making her way to the car, Jennifer’s castmate, Margaret, expressed concern and tried to help her.

“I didn’t want her to get hurt and I didn’t want her to have alcohol poisoning and I don’t want to see any woman like that,” she said.

As for the moment in which Jennifer was dropped on her face as Margaret attempted to carry her, Margaret said she simply couldn’t hold up all her weight.

“We didn’t mean to drop her on her face. She’s no lightweight. I tried to hold her up. I couldn’t,” she recalled. “I was in heels. It was me or her and I was not going down for the count.”

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