Jennifer Aydin Says She’s “Not an Alcoholic” But Admits Drinking “Got the Best of [Her]” During RHONJ Season 11, Plus She Talks Teresa and Jackie’s Blowout

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RHONJ's Jennifer Aydin Claims She's "Not an Alcoholic" But Admits Drinking "Got the Best of [Her]" During Season 11, Plus Explains Why She Needed to "Let Loose" and Talks Teresa and Jackie's Blowout

Jennifer Aydin may have been seen falling on her face during the trailer for The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 11, but according to the mother-of-five, she does not have a drinking problem.

Following a number of moments in which she seemed to have had too much, Jennifer is denying claims of alcoholism while explaining her behavior on the new episodes and addressing the shocking encounter Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider had on the premiere episode.

“I’d like to tell people that I’m not an alcoholic, that I actually am a social drinker,” Jennifer said on the February 17 episode of RealiTea with Derek Z. “I only drink when I socialize, and everybody has to take into consideration that we’re coming off a pandemic. I haven’t socialized in months. So if my tolerance was non-existent before, like P.S., I’m a cheap date.”

According to Jennifer, she was simply trying to have a good time and “let loose” with her co-stars amid an extremely challenging time for her family.

“It got the best of me in some instances but I was really just trying to let loose,” she explained. “I’m dealing with a lot of stress at home. I’m homeschooling five children. I have no housekeeper, no nanny, [and] a babysitter that comes sporadically [and] tells me she can’t show up half the time. So I’m spread very thin and I’m also dealing with my parents’ situation. So, if I’m going to a party and I haven’t been out in six months, you can bet your a** I’m going to drink and have a good time.”

During another segment of RealiTea, Jennifer reacted to the drama between Teresa and Jackie, which erupted on the debut episode of RHONJ season 11 after Teresa claimed to have heard a rumor about Evan Goldschneider messing around at the gym.

“I totally understand what Jackie was going through. She was thrown a curveball,” Jennifer shared. “At the end of the day, it’s just a rumor. You have the power to either squash a rumor or give it life and it was really difficult because she’s a little more sensitive. So for her, I think it just really affected her and I’m really glad she found a way to keep it moving.”

Although Jennifer denied being Team Teresa or Team Jackie, she said that “when there’s a rumor out there about somebody, they should know.”

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