RHOA Stars LaToya Ali and Falynn Guobadia Feud on Instagram as LaToya Continues to Throw Shade and Falynn Fires Back at Her “Starving” Co-Star, Plus Kandi Weighs In

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LaToya Ali Continues To Shade Falynn Guobadia And Takes Their Feud To Social Media As Falynn Fires Back At Her “Starvin” RHOA Co-Star, Plus Kandi Weighs In

LaToya Ali continues to disrespect Falynn Guobadia following their Halloween party blowup.

On the March 21 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Falynn hosted a costume party for the ladies and viewers watched as LaToya disrespected Falynn and her home from the moment she arrived.

LaToya insulted her co-star’s hosting abilities and claimed she wouldn’t have such a beautiful home if she wasn’t married to a 65-year-old man, which is technically a decade older than her husband actually is.

Though Falynn tried to remain calm at first, simply stating her castmate was acting like a “poor” person, LaToya continued to poke and prod her, even yelling, “This isn’t your property, ho.” Then, chaos ensued as Falynn decided it was time to protect her “empire.” She completely lost her cool and attempted to go after LaToya with a golf club, but fortunately, security was able to restrain the newbie.

As the scene played out, LaToya took to Instagram to shade the mother-of-six even further, writing, “Are you still at the empire [though],” which has been re-shared by The Peach Report Daily.

“Yup! I heard you’re staving, though. Come get you a plate, babygirl,” Falynn fired back.

Then, the YouTuber took another shot at her co-star by shading her for marrying into money once again.

“Stop offering plates you don’t own,” LaToya wrote.

RHOA Latoya and Falynn Feud

Meanwhile, on the Real Housewives of Atlanta: After Show, LaToya — who was interviewed alongside Kandi Burruss —  attempted to defend her actions as she explained she was simply expecting to be “served” since she was in such a lavish home.

“I definitely did see Medusa come out of her that night,” she said in reference to the costume Falynn was wearing at the party. “I was waiting to be served, hunty. I was in a $4 million home and we had takeout with just drinks all over the table? I left the party because the party was boring and Falynn said something along the lines of, ‘You come into my home and disrespect me?'”

As for Falynn coming after her with a golf club, LaToya said she wishes she would have had the opportunity to have a physical altercation with the philanthropist.

“Please, I wish she would,” she quipped. “Security held me back. Don’t mess with LaToya because I would have had her [dead]. I honestly wish she would have knocked me upside the head with a golf club because I would have sued her, bought her mansion, bought her whole life, okay! Period!”

However, Kandi didn’t let her get away with the remarks as she called LaToya’s behavior “disrespectful” before stating, “All y’all be talking about how big and bad y’all are, and y’all ain’t about to bust a grape.”

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