PHOTOS: Sonja Morgan’s Daughter Quincy Adams Morgan Goes Public on Instagram, See Her Stunning Photos and Tributes to ‘Iconic’ RHONY Mom

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PHOTOS: RHONY’s Sonja Morgan's Daughter Quincy Adams Morgan Goes Public on Instagram, See Her Latest Stunning Photos and Tributes to Mom

Sonja Morgan‘s daughter, Quincy Adams Morgan, has just gone public on Instagram.

After steering clear of the Real Housewives of New York City cameras for the entirety of her mother’s run on the show, Quincy suddenly decided to open up her life on social media by welcoming followers to come “along for the ride” in a statement shared to her Instagram Stories.

“I never thought I would make my social media public but here I am… excited to welcome everyone along for the ride,” Quincy announced on March 24.

RHONY Quincy Adams Morgan Makes Instagram Account Public

In her latest social media post, shared just one week ago, Quincy shared a slideshow of photos of herself and a man named JR Olofson, who appears to be her boyfriend, enjoying a tropical getaway at an undisclosed location.

Days prior, Quincy shared a stunning photo of herself standing beside a pergola wrapped in flowers while sporting a printed green dress and studded gold shoes.

Earlier this year, Quincy posted another series of photos of herself with JR, one of which featured the apparent couple appearing to go in for a kiss.

For Mother’s Day of last year, Quincy honored her mother by reproducing a series of her most iconic moments, many of which occurred during recent years on RHONY.

“It had to be done. Happy Mother’s Day to an ICON. I love you very much,” she told Sonja.

“Best Mother’s Day ever!” Sonja wrote in a comment to the post. “Thank you for taking time and thought to do this my talented, beautiful, and humorous daughter. I love you.”

“Love you mama!!” Quincy replied.

RHONY Sonja Morgan Responds to Daughter Quincy's Mother's Day Post

Quincy also shared a Christmas photo with Sonja in December 2020.

In May 2018, Quincy shared a photo of herself and Sonja standing in the rain in front of a college.

“Love you mom! Here’s to getting through the rainy days of the college process together and the next new phase of our lives!! Try to stay out of trouble till I come home!” she wrote in the caption.

“Love you so much,” Sonja wrote in response to the post. “Remember that day. Cover the purse who cares about the hair. Let’s not be late for the college presentations.”

RHONY Sonja Morgan Jokes About College With Daughter Quincy

In November 2018, during an appearance on Sameera Shah’s podcast, Sip with Sam, Sonja opened up about why Quincy was never seen on RHONY.

“I just don’t think it’s good,” Sonja admitted at the time. “I mean I know how to handle it and I’ll handle myself and I chose it. But I don’t think I should drag anyone else into it, especially a young kid.”

Below are more photos of Quincy:

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