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Real Housewives of New York City

REPORT: RHONY Reunion Postponed After Ramona Singer Refuses to Attend Taping Over Reports of Her Firing, Andy Cohen Considering “Legal Action,” and is Eboni Behind the Drama?

REPORT: RHONY Reunion Postponed Amid Cast Divide and Rumors of Ramona Singer’s Firing From Show, Is Eboni K Williams Behind the Drama?

The season 13 Real Housewives of New York City reunion has reportedly been delayed due to chaos behind the scenes.

According to a new report, the reunion taping has been pushed from August until at least September as producers are scrambling to figure out how to handle all the drama.

“All hell is breaking loose behind the scenes at the Real Housewives of New York,” a source close to production told the Daily Mail on July 14. “While the cameras are down, the drama is continuing.”

Furthermore, the women have also been informed that filming for next season has also been delayed and will not begin until 2022.

The outlet claims that five separate production sources have reached out to them regarding the drama, and apparently, the cast is extremely divided at this point.

‘The cast is completely divided and the women are not getting along with each other,” one insider noted. “‘Filming ended with all of the women as friends, but as soon as the show started airing, Eboni K. Williams went to war against her cast mates – particularly Ramona [Singer] and Luann [de Lesseps] and the audience is switching off week after week.”

As Reality Blurb previously reported, the ratings have dropped significantly with the July 6 episode only earning 764,000 live viewers, which is an all-time low for a standard episode. And it seems at least one insider believes the heavy storylines are the root cause for the low ratings.

 “Our viewers don’t want to be lectured too. They want a fun show – tipsy, middle-aged women with money fighting about petty stuff,” the source said. “Yes – let’s talk about the important issues facing our nation – but this cannot be the center of our show.”

The person went on to essentially slam Eboni, claiming the newest cast member wants Ramona demoted.

“It’s not what our show is, but week after week, scene after scene, everyone is being schooled by a former Fox News host,” the insider snarked. “It is the talk of the network that Eboni is demanding that Ramona be demoted to a friend for next season as Eboni believes that the show should be centered around her going forward.”

The person added, ‘The Countess is uncomfortable to film with Eboni as she is concerned that she will be made to look like a racist for speaking up when she felt defamed in her own home.”

In the past few days, rumors and conflicting reports regarding Ramona’s future on the show have been running rampant, and the women are reportedly “pissed” at the certain someone who is leaking said stories. Leah McSweeney, who is close with Eboni, is “furious” that people are accusing her of leaking the stories as she also wants them to stop.

Speaking of stories about Ramona, another new report claims the reunion has been postponed because the OG is refusing to show up for the taping. Furthermore, the source alleged host Andy Cohen is considering legal action against the star.

“Ramona has pulled out of taping the reunion special that was scheduled for the first week of August,” a source told OK! on July 14. “Andy is freaking out, and there is even talk of legal action as Ramona is in breach of contract.”

The source went on to explain why Ramona is allegedly standing her ground before also revealing why Bravo was trying hard to keep her firing hush-hush.

“Ramona is sick of all the race talk. She knows she’s going to be destroyed at the reunion and isn’t willing to go through with it if she’s already out,” the insider explained. “This is why Bravo didn’t want the news about Ramona getting out until after they taped the reunion.”

However, the production sources who spoke with the Daily Mail are refuting the report, stating, “Ramona will also be turning up for the reunion, whenever it will be filmed. She has a lot to say.”

They added, “Over the coming weeks until the reunion is filmed there will be ‘anti-Ramona’ stories leaked everywhere as [one] Housewife attempts to push her off the show.”

The Real Housewives of New York City season 13 airs Tuesday nights on Bravo at 9/8c.


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