Jeff Lewis Dishes on Getting Back Together With Ex Gage Edward, Flipping Out Alum On Why It Didn’t Work After Secretly Dating For Months

by Emily Campbell Comments
Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis Dishes on Secret Romance With Ex Gage Edward, and Explains Why It Didn't Work Out

Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward secretly rekindled their romance, but it didn’t last long.

According to the Flipping Out alum, he and Gage began dating about a month after his split from Scott Anderson. Apparently, after spending a great deal of time together for the sake of their four-year-old daughter, Monroe, their relationship turned romantic again until Gage seemingly got cold feet.

Jeff said he kept their fling a secret because he wanted to figure things out first since he “really didn’t know what it was.”

“So basically what happened was we were seeing each other for about three months. I want to say it was like 12 dates, a couple of sleepovers, a lot of dinners, and breakfast with Monroe and all of that,” he shared on his Jeff Lewis Live radio show on Wednesday. “It was cool. I was having a great time. I felt like, wow, maybe my family is coming back together. I was having a nice time. I thought we were doing well.”

However, at a certain point, Jeff said Gage started acting very “hot and cold,” and the 36-year-old ultimately began to pull away.

“We don’t speak the same language,” Jeff explained. “I felt like he wanted to fight and I don’t want to fight.”

He added, “I didn’t get mad. I didn’t get passive-aggressive. I just like flat out [said], ‘Hey, can I talk to you? I feel like you’re being very selective with your attention and your affection. It feels very hot and cold. I’m feeling rejected.’ I mean, I was like, ‘Who is this guy?'”

Though Jeff admitted he’s not always been the most patient person, he said that wasn’t the case this time around as he tried to give Gage the time he needed to “marinate” on their relationship. But Gage told the interior designer he just wanted “to be friends,” leaving Jeff in utter shock.

“[Gage] said, ‘Actually, you know, there’s a few times that you triggered me,'” he shared. “And I said, ‘Well, I wouldn’t know what those triggers are because you never communicated with me. And had you communicated with me, we could have discussed it in the moment and maybe I needed to adjust my behavior.'”

He went on to claim that Gage simply can’t let go of their messy past even though he has apologized for the “6,000” mistakes he made prior to their initial split.

As fans well know, the pair split back in 2019 and subsequently found themselves locked in a nasty custody battle. Then, after approximately 26 months, the pair finally agreed to share 50/50 custody of Monroe.

Fortunately, Jeff said there was some good that came out of their latest fling as he believes he gave them the opportunity to “heal” following their messy legal drama.