Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis Accused of Bribery Amid Custody Battle With Gage Edwards Over Their Daughter, Admits “Regret” Over Split as Gage Issues Statement

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis Accused of Bribery Amid Custody Battle With Gage Edwards Over Their Daughter, Admits "Regret" Over Split as Gage Issues Statement

Jeff Lewis is being accused of bribery amid his custody battle with ex-boyfriend Gage Edward.

During the May 27 episode of Jeff Lewis Live, the Flipping Out cast member revealed that after things between him and Gage settled down, he brought up the issue of child custody and child support in hopes of finally reaching a permanent agreement for their daughter Monroe.

“We’ve been in contact for the past couple of weeks and it’s been very civil, friendly. But then of course me, who, I really just want to resolve all these issues and move past this, I started bringing it up, which was probably a bad idea,” Jeff revealed. “But I did say, you know, what is it that you want? Just tell me what you want. And he goes, ‘I want fifty percent custody.’”

“I said, ‘Okay, but the financial end of things we’ve never talked about before. But now that’s apparently an issue for you, because you told me for a year you didn’t want child support but now you do. What are you looking for?’” he recalled.

After splitting in early 2019, Jeff and Gage shared an informal custody agreement for their daughter. However, after things between them took a turn for the worse, lawyers got involved and their custody battle got ugly. In fact, in addition to demanding equal time with Monroe months ago, Gage recently requested the child’s name be changed from Monroe Christine Lewis to Monroe Christine Edward Lewis.

According to Jeff, he hoped his recent conversation with Gage would allow him to better understand what it was that Gage wanted from him and “solve all these problems.” Unfortunately, their discussion only seemed to make things worse.

“A couple hours later, he sent me a couple of really nasty texts, like, ‘How dare you try to bribe me?’ I’m like, ‘This is not a bribe. This is me trying to settle things. This is me trying to mediate,’” Jeff explained.

Although he and Gage have been feuding on and off since their breakup, Jeff admitted he often feels regret over their split.

“There have been many times over the past year where I felt like I had feelings for him and I feel like I have regret, and I go through it, especially when we have really nice exchanges. But what happened on that text… It made me realize that this is where I’m supposed to be — not with him,” Jeff said.

As Jeff explained, Gage’s constant misinterpretation of his intentions is something he “can’t stand.”

In response to Jeff’s claims, Gage told PEOPLE, “I cannot comment on pending litigation.”