Adrienne Gang Explains Why Lexi Wilson Hasn’t Been Fired From Below Deck Med, Reveals if Crew Undergo Psych Evaluation Prior to Being Cast

by Emily Campbell Comments

Below Deck Alum Adrienne Gang Explains Why Lexi Wilson Hasn't Been Fired From Show and if Crew Undergo Psych Evaluation Prior to Being Cast

Below Deck alum Adrienne Gang is weighing in on the current Below Deck Mediterranean season six drama and explaining why Lexi Wilson hasn’t been fired.

While fans continue to question why Lexi hasn’t been fired for sexually harassing deckhand Lloyd Spencer and hurling a seemingly racist remark at Mzi “Zee” Dempers, Adrienne decided to share her own theory while comparing the stew’s situation to Pete Hunziker‘s.

If fans recall, Pete was fired by the network and subsequently edited out of Below Deck Mediterranean‘s fifth season after he shared a racist and misogynistic meme on Instagram.

“Reasons why I believe [Bravo] isn’t giving Lexi the Pete Treatment this season, despite her behavior being exponentially more egregious than a sh*tty IG post: These in no way excuse her behavior, I’m simply pointing out why it would be MUCH more difficult,” she tweeted on August 3.

Adrienne, who served as chief stew on the inaugural season of Below Deck, went on to make her first point, writing, “Lexi is on the interior team, therefore MUCH more visible from a camera perspective. Pete wasn’t nearly as visible [because] of his position exterior on the boat. Her being in front of the guests and interacting inherently makes cutting her out hard.”

Next, she noted that if Bravo were to edit Lexi out, the storylines on the show would be greatly affected.

“She is at this point a main foil for almost every crew member on the boat,” she explained. “Therefore her interactions are more noticeable, awkward, and visible. If she was to abruptly exit stage left it would be a noticeable change in almost every story line in this season so far.”

As for why it didn’t make a difference when Pete’s scenes were cut, Adrienne said it was because Pete didn’t really leave a lasting impression on the viewers, so “no one really noticed” when he disappeared.

Finally, the former chief stew claimed that Lexi needs to stay on the show so fans can find out what kind of leader Katie Flood really is before questioning whether the show would be worth watching at all without the drama Lexi’s causing.

“Lexi offers us a chance to see what Katie is made of as a leader,” she wrote. “Courtney [Veale] is great, but as with [Malia White‘s] edit this season, bc her team is so cohesive, we see a different, less confrontational Bosun. Katie [without] the Lexi drama would be less interesting. We are rooting for Katie.”

She followed that tweet up with, “Besides [Chef Mathew Shea] leaving [and] coming back a couple times, what other drama is there to hook the viewers episode to episode? Seriously. Think about what we would be seeing if Lexi was cut out completely.”

Meanwhile, she also offered a “side note” regarding whether producers make the crew members undergo a psych evaluation prior to being cast on the show for those questioning Lexi’s seemingly erratic behavior.

“Side note: the cast undergoes an intense psych eval prior to filming,” she revealed. “Mostly to make sure they aren’t a danger to themselves or others. Either A) Lexi was intelligent enough to lie through her teeth about her latent anger issues or B) they’ve changed the procedure.”

Below Deck Mediterranean season six airs Monday nights on Bravo at 9/8c.