Ramona Singer Explains Why She Had Just One Child as Avery Reveals RHONY Star Enjoyed “Frat Parties” at Her College, Plus Favorite Thing About Mom

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Ramona Singer Explains Why She Had Just One Child as Avery Reveals RHONY Star Enjoyed "Frat Parties," Plus Favorite Thing About Mom

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Ramona Singer and her daughter, Avery Singer, hosted a “Mom & Daughter: Q + A,” and during the chat, the Real Housewives of New York City cast member explained why she and ex-husband Mario Singer had just one child.

Before opening up about the way she and 26-year-old Avery handle their mother-daughter issues and revealing their favorite things about one another, Ramona, 64, explained why a second child simply wasn’t in the cards for her family.

“Do you want more children? How is it being the only daughter?” a fan asked on August 16.

As Avery passed on the question aimed at her, Ramona shared why she and Mario stopped expanding their family after their daughter’s arrival.

“I didn’t get married until later in life, and my other child was my business. You can’t do it all,” Ramona explained. “I had a great husband, a great daughter, a great business. I didn’t have room for another child.”

RHONY Ramona Singer on Why She Had Just One Child

“How do you solve the issues you go through as a mom and daughter?” another person wondered.

“We talk about it. It’s communication. Communication is everything. Sometimes she’ll yell at me, I’ll yell at her, but we have to talk through it,” Ramona responded.

RHONY Ramona Singer on How She and Avery Handle Mother-Daughter Issues

Another fan asked the ladies their favorite memory of their time together at the University of Virginia.

“My mom came to UVA a lot, and I would drag her, or she would want to go to the frat parties and dance with me and come to everything I was doing,” Avery recalled.

She then turned to her mom and said, “I think that you were thriving as if you were in college.

In the caption of the clip, it was noted that the RHONY cast member and her daughter did some fun things on campus, including visiting vineyards, going to formals, and attending dinners with Avery’s friends.

RHONY Ramona Singer and Avery Reveal Favorite UVA Memory

“Who is the bad influence on who? (In a fun way!)” another Instagram user asked.

“It depends on the night,” Avery joked, noting in a caption that Ramona “knows it’s her.”

RHONY Avery Singer Jokes Ramona is a Bad Influence

In a final question, Ramona and Avery were asked, “What’s your favorite thing about the other person?!”

In response, Avery said, “I would say my mom is a mover and a shaker, and she makes things happen and doesn’t take ‘no’ as an answer.”

Meanwhile, Ramona shared, “Avery’s very grounded. She’s an old soul, and I sometimes look toward her for advice.”

RHONY Ramona Singer and Avery Reveal Favorite Things About Each Other

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