Chef Mathew Shea Claims He “Blacked Out” During Fight With Lexi Wilson as His Below Deck Med Co-Stars React to Their Nasty Fight

by Emily Campbell
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Chef Mathew Shea Claims He Was "Blacked Out" During Fight With Lexi Wilson As His Below Deck Med Co-Stars React To Nasty Fight

Credit: Bravo

The Below Deck Mediterranean crew is reacting to the massive blowup between Lexi Wilson and Chef Mathew Shea that resulted in Lexi’s firing as Mathew reveals what he remembers about the ordeal.

Captain Sandy Yawn finally gave Lexi the boot on the September 20 episode after the second stew engaged in countless fights with her fellow crew members. Sandy had seemingly had enough once she was informed about the uber messy argument Lexi and Mathew engaged in while their co-stars were trying to enjoy a nice dinner on their night off.

Though Sandy didn’t fire Mathew for his part in the argument, she was definitely disappointed in his behavior as well, which the chef claims he doesn’t fully remember.

“I remember going up to the table at lunch and seeing all this food, and the rest of the evening is blacked out for me,” he said on the Below Deck Mediterranean: After Show.  “So, the whole lunch, the whole dinner, I’m like, gone.”

“I’m sure I was awful,” he added. “And I’m not proud of myself so…”

His fellow crew members agree that his behavior was “awful,” and chief stew Katie Flood admitted he was the one who started the beef on that particular night.

“I mean, Mathew, he does start sh*t,” she explained. “Like, it’s not just like Lexi blows up out of nowhere. Mathew does ask for it. [But] on Lexi’s side, she just takes things to a whole new level.”

According to David Pascoe, Lexi had every right to clap back at the chef — especially after he called her “the worse person in the world” — but the deckhand believes they both took things too far.

“He was deserving of a comeback, but not to the extreme that she came back with,” he explained, adding, “He just has to pick, and has to prod, but there’s a limit. And those limits were just never ever found with those two.”

“Katie confessed that she understands Lexi’s frustration and why she exploded, but she didn’t step in because she expects her co-stars to behave like “adults.”

“I don’t think from my perspective it’s my job to teach people how to act like adults,” she proclaimed. “Also, we’re not at work, so that’s why I removed myself. I’m like, this has got nothing to do with me. And just because I’m her boss, that doesn’t mean I get to do anything, So, I was just like, ‘It’s not my job.’ I’m not there to mother people.”

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