Married At First Sight Season 11 Cast Update: Where Are They Now?

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'Married At First Sight' Season 11 Cast Update: Where Are They Now? Find Out Which Couples Are Still Together and Who's Split Up and Moved on


Married at First Sight season 11 aired its final episode in October 2020, and now, nearly one year later, Reality Blurb is offering an update on where the five New Orleans-based couples stand today.

After Miles Williams and Woody Randall made history as the first two friends to be cast on the show together, we’re revealing which cast members are still together, which have split, and who has moved on from the divorces they chose to go through on the Lifetime reality show.

1)  Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner Update

married at first sight bennett kirschner and amelia fatsi smile before alleged split

While physician Amelia Fatsi and theater director Bennett Kirschner were fan favorites amid MAFS season 11, rumor has it that they’ve split. Though neither party has officially confirmed the news, a tip shared with MAFSfan, via Soap Dirt, in July, claimed Bennett allegedly said Amelia “unexpectedly and inexplicably dumped me.” They haven’t shared any Instagram posts with one another on their main pages since December 2020.

Although the couple may be living separately at this time, another Instagram user said the two of them appear to be on good terms.

“They are still liking each other’s post. So cheers to the thought of Bennett and Amelia still being together,” the fan wrote.

In one of Bennett’s final photos of Amelia, a Face-Swap, he described her as his “beautiful new wife.”

Weeks later, Amelia shared a family photo with Bennett and said the two of them were participating in her family’s annual polar plunge.

Around the time of Amelia and Bennett’s alleged split this summer, a Reddit user alleged the two of them actually dated one another prior to appearing on the show.

“Bennett was cast first and encouraged Amelia to apply, and when she was describing her perfect man she described Bennett. Basically, they gamed the system in order to be matched,” the source claimed.

2)  Olivia Cornu and Brett Lindsey Update

olivia corny and brett lindsey's date on married at first sight

Olivia Cornu and Brett Lindsey chose to end their marriage at the end of season 11 following a lack of compromise from Olivia, a nurse, and a lack of commitment from Brett, an AWS cloud practitioner. Although the couple shared a mutual Louisiana background, that wasn’t enough to keep these two together. When all was said and done, they seemed to truly dislike one another.

As for what happened after the show, Brett has been dating girlfriend Brittany Sleeter since November 2020.

After going public with one another on Instagram after attending a Halloween party, Brett, who was dressed in a pink Christmas Story bunny suit,  and his girlfriend, who chose an angel costume, have been open about their relationship on social media, sharing frequent photos of each other, including those seen below.

maFs brett lindsey and girlfriend brittany smile together MAFS brett lindsey and new girlfriend brittany

Although it’s hard to say if Olivia has a man in her life at the moment, she posed with two very familiar men back in March and suggested they do a “crossover show” with one another.

“Crossover show anyone??” she asked, along with a photo of twins Jason and Brett Oppenheim of Selling Sunset at a coffee shop in Los Angeles.

3) Karen Landry and Miles Williams Update

MAFS karen landry and miles williams look at one another

Human resource consultant Karen Landry was clearly hesitant to open up to teacher Miles on the show. However, after initial concerns about whether Miles would be able to meet her needs, the couple decided to remain married.

Months later, they seem to be completely in love.

Just weeks ago, Karen shared a sweet tribute to Miles on his birthday.

“⁣Happy birthday to my person. The man who gets the best sleep. Cracks the funniest jokes. My travel buddy. The sneaker head who puts me on. My safe place. And just all around a great person. I know it’s a sh-t ton of things going on in the world right now, but today I hope you take a moment to celebrate yourself. I sure as hell will. Love you,” she wrote.

In another post, Karen added, “⁣It’s the… Depth, Laughs, Balance, Respect, Partnership, Appreciation…For me. And so many more things. Thank you for always hearing and seeing me even when it was hard. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for sharing your full self and for allowing me to share my full self too. Thank you for being the man that you are.”

MAFS karen landry and miles williams dreams come true

Meanwhile, back in March, Miles said that when it comes to his marriage to Karen, “the proof is in the progress.”

4)  Amani Smith and Woody Randall Update

MAFS amani smith and woody randall wear yellow

Nonprofit worker Amani Smith and teacher Woody, who actually brought the MAFS experts to tears when they announced they would be staying married, are still together, which should come as no surprise to anyone who watched season 11.

After gushing over their love for one another on the show, with Amani applauding Woody’s unconditional love for his family, Amani shared a series of wedding photos with her fans and followers.

“Hold me tight and don’t let go,” she told Woody in the caption.

Two months later, along with another slideshow of photos, Amani told Woody she is “happy to have [him] during the highs and lows.”

Then, in July, while celebrating 17 months together, Woody gushed over his wife as they enjoyed some fun in the sun in Jamaica.

“Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over,” he said in his tribute post to Amani.

5)  Christina Croce and Henry Rodriguez Update

MAFS henry rodriguez and christina croce on mafs finale

Flight attendant Christina Croce and clinical recruiter Henry Rodriguez may have been paired by professionals, but when it came to their dynamic, they didn’t appear to be compatible at all. In fact, things got downright ugly between them on the show, with Christina accusing Henry of having a gay affair.

While Christina ultimately apologized, she and Henry, understandably, felt it was best that they divorce.

Although it’s hard to say whether or not Christina has moved on, as her Instagram account is marked private, Henry has been dating a woman named Kayla McCormick since July.

MAFS henry rodriguez and girlfriend kayla mccormick

On July 5, he shared the photo below of the two of them celebrating the Fourth of July holiday.

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Married at First Sight is currently airing on Lifetime on Wednesdays at 8/7c.