Here’s Why RHOSLC Cast Believes Jen Shah Was Behind Series of Mean Text Messages, Plus Whitney Shares How She Knows for Certain

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Here's Why the RHOSLC Cast Believes Jen Shah Was Behind a Series of Mean Text Messages, Plus Whitney Rose Shares How She Knows for CertainThe Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast appears to have gotten on the same page regarding who they believe was behind a series of mean messages sent to some ladies from the show.

After Meredith Marks opened up about an investigation she launched into the messages, her castmates discussed the issue, with Lisa Barlow explaining the similarities in content and Heather Gay admitting she was confused. Whitney Rose revealed how she knew for sure that Jen was behind them.

“I think at some point we had all received a text message, and the vernacular was the same,” Lisa shared on the November 21 episode of the RHOSLC: After Show. “Mine was brief, but it basically was like, ‘Racism is real, and your friends are showing their true colors,’ something to that effect. I thought it was just me and Meredith that had received a text message. I didn’t think it was from Jen, but when everyone was like, ‘It’s from Jen,’ I started to think… I started to question everything.”

Meanwhile, as Heather received what she described as “horrible, threatening text messages” throughout filming on RHOSLC season one, one of which said, “You’re old. You’re ugly. Go home and go to bed,” she only told one cast member.

“I had only shared those with Meredith. Because when Meredith was furthering her investigation, I thought it was pertinent,” she explained.

According to Heather, she was 99.9 percent sure that the messages were coming from Lisa because several people had confirmed that to her. So, when Meredith said she was going to hire an investigator, she was all for it.

“I was like, hopeful that she would investigate because I thought it would not only vindicate me and what I was receiving, but also expose Lisa,” Heather noted.

As for Whitney, she said that “Lisa and Jen work together.”

“Even though Jen is so nice to our faces, she still works in the dark with Lisa,“ she insisted.

After hearing what her cousin and co-star had to say, Heather admitted to struggling with what Jen and Lisa potentially had going on.

“That’s the hardest part because Jen’s never said a mean thing to my face. It’s confusing and really really hard to navigate,” Heather explained. “There were so many indications in the text messages I was receiving that they were coming from Lisa’s camp that I never really suspected Jen. That’s not Jen’s game.”

“It is Jen’s game because I received DMs,” Whitney argued.

Whitney then revealed just how she knows for certain that Jen was behind a series of mean messages sent to her on social media.

“I do know it was Jen because one of them was created by her. Because if you actually go and try to log in as that account, it will say, ’Send an email to,’ and it will show you the first letter of the email. Or it will say, ’Send it to the phone number.’ So you can verify the phone number,” Whitney revealed. “I’ve been trolled by Lisa and Jen. I just had bad Xerox copies!”

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