Ariana Madix Calls Out Editing on Vanderpump Rules After LVP is Seen Questioning Tom Sandoval’s Design Decisions for Schwartz and Sandy’s

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Vanderpump Rules' Ariana Madix Calls Out "Interesting" Editing After Lisa Vanderpump is Seen Questioning Tom Sandoval's Design Decisions for Schwartz and Sandy's

Ariana Madix is setting the record straight about a scene featured on the January 4 episode of Vanderpump Rules.

After Lisa Vanderpump was seen questioning the decisions Tom Sandoval was making in terms of the design for their new bar, Schwartz and Sandy’s, Ariana was seen commenting on a clip shared on Instagram, revealing that she found the editing of the scene to be “interesting.”

“We’re going to be lowering the ceiling here and this front area is going to be a lounge area,” Sandoval explained to the cast as they toured the yet-to-open venue.

“I wouldn’t lower the ceiling,” Lisa whispered to husband Ken Todd in response. “Maximize it.”

Then, after questioning the expenses involved in building an arch, Lisa further voiced her concerns in a cast confessional.

“I think they might have these ideals in their head about the budget, about the timetable, but I think it’s going to be more and it’s going to be longer. These are two people that don’t really know what they’re about to endure. Frankly, I’m a little worried for them,” she admitted.

But on Instagram, after a clip of the moment was shared, Ariana suggested there were major details left out of the scene.

“What an interesting edit to cut out the actual designers who were there and make it look like tom is doing it,” she wrote in a comment.

Ariana Madix Calls Out Vanderpump Rules Editing

After another person then noted that the designers and their names were shown on the Pump Rules episode, Ariana insisted there were things cut from the episode that should have been seen.

“And yet, their renderings, samples of materials, and budgets we all saw are magically not in the show,” Ariana replied.

Ariana Madix Gets Shady About Vanderpump Rules Editing

Ariana also reacted to a person who said that regardless of designers being involved, it was Sandoval and Tom Schwartz who were making the final decisions.

“The designers aren’t spending the money – [Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz] are paying them! Of course the designers are gonna up do it!!! Don’t lower the ceiling – lower things FROM it. Cheaper, quicker, changeable!!! WTH???” the person had written.

“Girl. Stop. You don’t know them or the Tom’s. I know all of them. Why do ppl insist on arguing with me when I’m the one giving you information first hand. You think they are just like sure we will put a dinosaur in the middle and risk our reputation as amazing designers? No. So stop it,” she shared.

Ariana Madix Explains Error in Vanderpump Rules Editing

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