Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent Shades Sex Life With Randall Again, and Reveals Plans for Plastic Surgery After Split

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Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Shades Sex Life With Randall, Says She "Couldn't Wait for it to To Be Over" While Confirming Plans for Boob Job

Lala Kent took aim at her sex life with Randall Emmett during the latest episode of her podcast.

Months after their split, while looking back at the years they spent together, the Vanderpump Rules cast member admitted that she was unhappy with their intimacy before sharing plans to get her boobs done and confirming she’s looking forward to sharing them with her future suitors.

“I’ve been sober for over three years and I had the same partner… I’ve had sex sober, which I couldn’t wait for it to be over most of the time,” Lala admitted on the January 25 episode of Give Them Lala.

According to Lala, she hasn’t had sober sex with “a new partner” probably since she was 17. So, when it comes to her future adventures in dating, she’s “going into new territory.”

“I’m going to be banging it out without an ounce of alcohol in my system. [But] I think it’s going to be fun because I’ve been like talking to a few people, and I’m like, ‘I f-cking got it.’ I still got it,” she explained.

As she prepares to reenter the world of dating, Lala said she’s set up an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

“I have a consultation about getting this tig-ole-bitties done and I’m excited for that. Once I get some new fun-bag twins, I may be ready to roll out,” she shared.

While Lala, who shares 10-month-old daughter Ocean with Randall, confessed to her co-host, Jessica, that she was making it sound as if she was getting a boob job for the guys she will date in the future, she insisted she’s “getting [her] boobs done for” herself.

“When they say kids suck the life out of your boobs if you choose to breastfeed or if you’re even able to, they literally suck the life out of them. Like, I got some cute little boobies but they are small now. They are not the boobies that I had before Ocean and they for damn sure aren’t the boobies I had when I was pregnant or breastfeeding Ocean every two hours. They were massive and I loved them,” Lala recalled.

Continuing on, Lala said she’s “going to be generous enough to share them with fine-*ss men” once she’s mentally ready to begin dating.

“Once I do get my boobs done, I probably still won’t be there, but I’m excited for that for me because it’s like the bounce back,” she explained. “There’s nothing hotter than a hot mom.”

Lala and Randall split in October 2021 after photos of the film producer and two other women hit the web.