Lala Kent Talks Finances Post-Split From Randall Emmett, Shades Him as “Disgusting and Dirty,” and Addresses Keeping His Secrets

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Pump Rules' Lala Kent Shades Randall as "Disgusting & Dirty" and Says She's Keeping His Secrets "for Now," Plus Talks Finances Post-Split and Tells Women to "Get Your Own Funds Immediately"

Lala Kent is protecting her ex-fiancé Randall Emmett… for now.

During the latest episode of their previously joint podcast, the Vanderpump Rules cast member looked back on her troubled relationship with the film producer, describing his behavior as “disgusting and dirty and dark,” and she issued a firm financial warning to women in relationships.

“I find out things daily and if he whose name I shall not say knew what I know, he would be sh-tting bricks,” Lala declared on the December 22 episode of Give Them Lala. “But you know what? This ain’t Vanderpump Rules. So I have zipped lips — for now.”

According to Lala, she doesn’t feel the need to share Randall’s alleged dirty deeds because she believes they will ultimately be exposed.

“I don’t feel like I need to share everything that I know at this point in time because I know the universe reveals people’s truths. I have to trust in that because I sit here sometimes and I’m like, ‘How! How! How! How the f-ck is this my life?’” Lala admitted as she broke down in tears. “My constant concern is worrying about my baby [nine-month-old Ocean Kent Emmett], making money and working, and trying to keep my head above water.”

Although Lala’s financial situation is quite different than it was during her five-plus-year relationship with Randall, she made a point to tell readers that she did enough to establish herself as an individual that she was able to walk away.

“The fact that when sh-t hit the fan I was able to, no questions asked, leave the car behind, leave the house behind, don’t need the f-cking insurance, I mean, I feel so blessed that my mom instilled that in me,” Lala noted. “I don’t think people realize, women, how important it is, no matter who you are with, to have your ducks in a row financially… I never combined funds with he whose name we shall not mention. I always had my own credit card, always had my own bank account. Contrary to what people may think, I never had access to anything he had.”

“If people get anything from this podcast, I don’t care if you’re in the happiest relationship in the entire world. Get your own funds immediately… [If] God forbid one day you have to get the f-ck out, I want you to be able to get the f-ck out,” she advised.

When Lala then answered questions from her voicemail box, one of which questioned her for advice about communication, the Pump Rules cast member admitted that she’s always felt communication is “everything” and truly believed her interaction with Randall “was on point.”

“[But] my relationship was just based on lies,” she told the caller. “I thought he was so down for me. Anytime we would fight, he’s blowing up my mom, he’s blowing up my brother, he’s blowing up every single person to make it right. I just felt that he was so down for me. I thought, he made stupid decisions. I definitely didn’t think he was doing what he was doing.”

Lala went on to suggest that if she had any idea what Randall was reportedly doing behind her back, they would have never even embarked on a relationship.

“It would have ended as quickly as we met. That’s the part I struggle with a lot. I’m looking at my baby and I’m like ‘How can something so perfect come from something I feel is so disgusting and dirty and dark, and something that represents nothing that I represent?'” she asked, noting that Randall’s value system does not align with what she represents or how she was raised.

As for Randall’s alleged cheating, Lala said she suspected that because he hates himself “so f-cking much,” he “will reach for anybody to make [him] feel like [he’s] not repulsive.”

Also on the episode, Lala said she was looking forward to spending time with family over the holidays.

“I’m feeling so excited about Christmas,” she shared. “My little brother is coming into town. My older brother and his wife and my niece and nephew… It’s just going not be back to the roots, back to how I’m used to celebrating Christmas.”

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