Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Reveals Shocking Intimacy Information in Marriage to Kody Brown

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Sister Wives' Meri Brown Reveals Shocking News About Intimacy in Marriage to Kody Brown

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is just full of surprises this week. From sending herself flowers for Valentine’s Day to making shocking confessions on the Sister Wives Tell All, Meri is certainly stepping out of her shell and not holding anything back. And we love it!

It’s no secret that Meri and her husband of over 30 years, Kody Brown, were having some problems. In fact, following an online emotional affair that turned out to be a catfishing scandal that Meri was embroiled in, in 2015, many fans are still surprised the couple even stayed together. But while many thought that the scandal might have been the cause of Meri and Kody’s lackluster marriage, during the Sister Wives Tell All Special, Meri dropped a bomb and revealed that the emotional affair had not been the cause of the marriage going south.

In fact, Meri admitted that the marriage had stopped being romantic for her and Kody, almost a decade ago. Yikes. Meri revealed she and Kody had not been intimate since his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, joined the family. And many, including Meri, do not think that was just a coincidence.

Robyn Brown is Kody’s fourth and legal wife, and many felt that after she joined the family, things changed drastically for the other wives. Slowly but surely, Kody’s intimacy with the other wives began falling off, starting with Meri, who claims she and Kody have not been intimate…in over a decade. Fans, Kody’s other wives, and even his children feel that he plays favorites with Robyn by allowing her privileges and exceptions, not offered to the other wives. The prime example discussed on the Tell All Special was the Covid issue and that Robyn was allowed a non-related nanny in her home to help with her children, while Kody’s son Gabriel Brown was not allowed to see his girlfriend or Kody would not come to his mother, Janelle Brown‘s home. In fact, after a year of disagreements, things finally came to a head, and in a tense stand-off, Kody gave Gabriel an ultimatum. And yet the nanny remained. The scandal only grew as after the first full family gathering in over a year, it came out that Robyn’s nanny and her husband, had both tested positive for Covid, putting the entire family at risk. What a mess.

Shortly after, tensions reached an all-time high with the family, as Kody then revealed to his third wife, Christine Brown, that he was also no longer interested in having an intimate marriage with her, and finally, Christine had had enough. In an unprecedented move, she boxed up all of Kody’s things and put them in the garage, and soon after it was revealed that Christine had left Kody and the Sister Wives clan to move back to Utah. The Tell All Special revealed she had officially divorced Kody.

With Christine gone, many wondered, would Meri be next? Fan speculation only grew after Meri’s most recent disclosure of her and Kody’s lack of intimacy, and it seems almost inevitable that Meri might follow in Christine’s footsteps. Kody and his second wife Janelle’s relationship has also been on the rocks, and Kody even revealed he has been thinking about starting over with all new wives, aside from Robyn. What an ordeal, and certainly not the way fans envisioned the Sister Wives story ending. The show has been on since 2010 and fans have followed the Brown family for over 12 years, so many are very disappointed with how the show, and the family, seem to be coming to an end.

With Meri’s revelation of she and Kody’s decade-long lack of intimacy, and Christine divorcing Kody, many feel this is the beginning of the end of the Sister Wives family as we knew it

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