RHOC’s Gina on Why She Was “Stressed” Over Dinner With Heather’s Family as Heather Reveals Gina’s Dad is a “Fan,” Plus Gina Shares How Heather Differs From Her Mom

by Lindsay Cronin
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RHOC's Heather Dubrow Reveals Gina's Dad is a "Fan" as Gina Shares How Heather Differs From Her Mom, Plus They Look Back on "Best Trip Ever"

Heather Dubrow and Gina Kirschenheiter traveled to New York on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and after the show, the ladies looked back on the time they spent with their families.

After enjoying a dinner date with their loved ones and enjoying a wild night out on the town in the Big Apple, Heather and Gina shared their thoughts on one another’s families before recalling their drunken antics and not surprising hangovers.

“When you meet someone’s family, it gives you a little piece of the puzzle. You see where they come from and… you see what they’ve come out of,” Heather explained on the March 11 episode of the RHOC: After Show. “And so it’s interesting to see all that and then when they tell stories, you have a face to put on it or it makes more sense to you.”

After meeting Gina’s mom and dad, Heather described her castmate’s parents as “lovely” before revealing her dad is a fan.

“[Her dad] is so cute. He’s a fan of my YouTube channel and he knows I’m obsessed with coasters so he brought me coasters as a little gift… such a thoughtful gift. Just really, really sweet,” she shared.

While Gina was “so nervous” and “a little” stressed about going to dinner with Heather and their parents, she said their night was actually “really fun.”

“I do think that Heather and I have very different upbringings which has contributed to probably more of our personalities and who we are as adults. But for whatever reason, probably because we’re all New Yorkers, we still all had a great time and were able to break bread and laugh,” she noted.

According to Gina, Heather and her mother, despite the many embarrassing stories that were told about Heather’s childhood, are “very much alike” in many ways, including their creativity and their love for all things “fancy and fabulous,” but they are also quite different.

“Heather is way more maternal and warm and I think that maybe she has chosen to raise her family in a different way than she was raised and I think that’s pretty cool,” Gina stated.

Once the ladies arrived in Manhattan, it was quite late in the evening. However, after working for three weeks straight, Heather was ready to cut loose.

“I wanted sweatpants, I wanted sneakers, I wanted to drink. I was in,” Heather recalled. “We were dancing and laughing and having drinks.”

“I was like, ‘Okay, it’s time for bad Heather to come out.’ And we just had fun,” Gina shared. “At one point, literally, she was hysterically laughing because I was holding a whole pizza and there was a pretzel on top of it and my cell phone. It was amazing and she was so in the moment, she was having so much fun.”

Although Heather and Gina didn’t sit down for the entirety of their night out, Heather said it was the “best trip ever,” despite the side effects it garnered.

“On the way home, I was like, ’I’m going to be paying for this for days but it was worth every calorie, every hangover, everything,'” Heather confessed.

And Gina agreed.

“We probably had too much champagne. I definitely left with the worst heartburn of my life,” she revealed.

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Photos Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo