Kandi Burruss on Andy Cohen’s Surprising Comment on How She’s Kept RHOA Peach, Teases Explosive Drama With Marlo Hampton, and Shares “MVP” of Season 14

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Kandi Burruss on Andy Cohen's Surprising Comment on How She's Kept RHOA Peach, Teases Explosive Drama With Marlo Hampton, and Shares “MVP” of Season 14

Kandi Burruss is a steady force on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Throughout her 13 seasons on the show, she’s watched the rise and fall of several icons while she herself remained invincible. Not only is she a full-time castmate, but she’s also appeared in six different spinoffs.

Her recent show, Kandi & The Gang, revealed some uncomfortable dynamics in her family, which is often hinted at on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

In an interview for the Behind The Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast, Kandi was asked how she’s kept the Bravo peach for so long. “I don’t hide anything. I am totally transparent,” she said. “[One thing] I thought was interesting that Andy [Cohen] brought up to me recently… He was like, ‘I don’t think you have ever asked for anything to be taken out of the show.’”

“Even though things may not necessarily absurdly show me in a great light sometimes, I kind of just roll with it and let the cards fall as they may, even though I may be upset about it,” she explained. “I don’t try to fix things before they come out.”

Other stars don’t follow this rule, however. “That’s a big thing,” said Kandi. “You know, we all know, we’ve heard stories about lots of people that do ask for things to be taken out.”

“[But] the show has to be able to show things that may not necessarily always show you in the best light… Even if it’s a train wreck, they want to see the train wreck happening.”

Then, Kandi addressed the trainwreck known as season 13. “I’ve heard people say [it wasn’t a fan favorite]. I mean, listen … That may not have been my favorite season [either]… But at the same time, I feel like it’s almost a little unfair because we were the ones who had to actually film during COVID… It was limiting where you could go… We didn’t even have any of our fabulous events and stuff that we normally do. It was a lot of stuff that we had to work through.”

Kandi added, “And yes, other [shows] have filmed, but they filmed a little bit later than us. So some of the restrictions were lifted off of them. Some of them were able to take big trips and be around tons of people, whereas our trip [was] in a house… I can tell you this, season 14 is way better.”

Kandi also teased the explosive drama between herself and Marlo Hampton.

“I don’t want to give away too much, but what I will say… It was totally unexpected.”

She explained, “This particular time there was nothing [brewing] between us. But she said some things that [I] felt she was being hypocritical about. And so I spoke on it. She didn’t like what I had to say and it just blew up. We started going back and forth. And it was very disrespectful, some of the stuff that she was saying.”

“I’ll just leave it at that,” said Kandi. “We were being very disrespectful to each other.”

Will Kandi’s new spinoff be renewed for season two? “That would be awesome. I would be so excited right now. I don’t know yet. They’re going to let us know obviously. Let’s hope that it does work out for another season.”

In Kandi’s opinion, one of the season 14 castmates deserves an MVP peach. “It would definitely be… Sheree Whitfield,” said the singer, but her reasons were somewhat cryptic. “Because — on a personal front, and then mess with the girls, and just her business, everything, she has stuff going on in every area. It was a lot.”

Unfortunately, Kandi didn’t elaborate on Sheree’s ‘personal’ storylines. The host of the podcast, however, couldn’t resist asking a question: Will Sheree’s son Kairo appear in the season?

“Maybe a little…” Kandi teased. “I know for a fact, at least once.”