RHOA’s Drew Sidora Talks Drama With Sheree Whitfield, Plus Her Surprising Friendship With Kenya Moore

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RHOA’s Drew Sidora Talks Drama With Sheree Whitfield, Plus Her Surprising Friendship With Kenya Moore

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Drew Sidora is coming in hot in her sophomore season of the franchise. She has a list and she’s taking names… mainly the name Shereé Whitfield.

Season 14 has only just begun, but Drew and Shereé have already butted heads. This was mainly over Drew’s assistant, Anthony, who has stirred up tensions between the ladies by gossiping about Shereé allegedly not paying her employees and spreading a rumor that Drew’s husband, Ralph Pittman Jr., is gay.

Per HollywoodLife, Drew recently appeared on the Pay Attention, Puh-Lease! podcast, and she had some choice words for Shereé.

“The way I was raised is you don’t disrespect me,” Drew said when asked about her issues with Shereé. “You don’t come for my husband. You don’t come for my family.”

In fact, Drew actually came into the season with the full intention of becoming friends with Shereé, but ultimately, things just got “too messy” between the duo.

“I really wanted to get on a positive side with Sheree, [because]I didn’t know her. That was my full intention,” the actress said.

“I didn’t want it to go this way,” Drew continued. “She’s an OG. Who wants to start off getting into it with an OG?”

Drew also took time to address where she stands with her assistant, Anthony, after all the “hurtful” bombs he dropped on her.

“I did feel like he was messy in the sense that I didn’t need to know all of Sheree’s business. It would make me feel uncomfortable,” Drew said. “I just felt like there were certain things that I did not need to be privy to and he kind of crossed that line.”

Drew also confirmed that Anthony no longer works for her after all the drama. (Yeah, I would hope so.)

“I’m not here for the messiness once certain things came out. At a certain point if you can’t keep it professional, which is how we tend to run things, it was too much and we had to let him go,” she said.

Drew may not be besties with Shereé anytime soon, but surprisingly, Drew and Kenya Moore have seemingly buried the hatchet after coming for each other’s throats last season over the whole “Bolo stripper- gatedebacle. They have now started crafting a real friendship.

Speaking to Distractify, Drew reflected on last season and why she and Kenya couldn’t maintain a “peaceful” friendship.

“I’ll say last season, I think a lot of us were in a tough spot just with COVID-19,” Drew explained. “And mentally, physically, emotionally, we were all challenged. So it wasn’t it wasn’t a surprise that people just couldn’t see eye to eye.”

Now, Drew says that the two are in a “good space,” and she is getting “good vibes” from Kenya.

“I have so much fun with Kenya,” Drew said. “We turned up and Kenya was giving me such fun vibes. I feel like she was kind of giving me my Porsha vibes that I was missing. Yeah, she was more free this season. This side of her, I’m living for.”

Drew has also found a new confidante and supporter in Kenya during this season of RHOA. On the most recent episode, viewers saw Kenya stand up and “articulate” Drew’s feelings on her troublesome marriage with Ralph over his female assistant drama.

“See, let me say this to you right now,” Kenya told Ralph after witnessing the way he spoke to Drew. “If my husband said that to me, I would flip this table over because that is so disrespectful. You just said basically, she’s lying. How it happened is not how it happened. That would piss me the f–k off if somebody said that to me to my face, especially if I’m hurting. Do you not understand that? You’re tearing her down.”

It’s looking like blue skies ahead for Drew and Kenya’s friendship. Now, let’s just see if the other RHOA ladies can get their act together and try to do the same. (Let’s not hold our breath, though, shall we?)