Maya Vander is Leaving Selling Sunset After Suffering Miscarriage 6 Months After Stillbirth, Plus Future Plans Revealed

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Selling Sunset's Maya Vander Suffers Miscarriage Six Months After Stillbirth, Leaves Netflix Show to Focus on Family and Real Estate Firm in Miami

Maya Vander took to her Instagram account on Tuesday, where she tragically confirmed she’d suffered a miscarriage.

Just six months after delivering her stillborn son, the Selling Sunset cast member and real estate agent opened up about the tragedy as she admitted to feeling blessed by her husband, David Miller, and their two children, three-year-old son Aiden and two-year-old daughter Elle.

“I had a very crazy week,” Maya wrote on her Instagram Story, via Us Weekly, on June 21. “Miscarriage after 10 weeks … following my stillbirth … but my kids and my husband are absolutely my blessing and I am so lucky to be their mother!! They bring joy and happiness to my life!! Hug and love the people you care about. Don’t take things for granted!”

Selling Sunset Maya Vander Confirms Miscarrage After Stillbirth

As Selling Sunset fans may recall, Maya suffered a stillbirth at 38 weeks pregnant in December 2021.

“I always heard of it but never imagined I’ll be part of the statistics,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “Instead of delivering a baby, I get to go home with a memory box. I do not wish this on anyone. What was a regular weekly checkup turned into a nightmare that I never imagine will happen to me. Given I share my pregnancies in the show I knew I’ll have to post about this and avoid the ‘when is your due date’ question. You will always be in our heart baby Mason.”

Maya later learned that after an autopsy was done, her son died in “a freak incident.”

“It was just a bad accident with [the umbilical] cord mixed with some swallowed placenta,” she revealed at the season five reunion. “But I’m doing much better. And, you know, I have my husband. He’s amazing. My kids are great. They, you know, keep me going and I have work and I’m busy, so I don’t have time to sit and cry all day long.”

In other Maya Vander news, production sources have revealed to TMZ that Maya will not return for season six of Selling Sunset. She has instead chosen to focus on her family and her booming real estate firm in Miami, the Maya Vander Group.

Although Maya loved the time she spent on the show and was offered a renewed contract, she felt that traveling from Miami to the West Coast would be too much.

While appearing on The Domenick Nati Show in March, Maya said that while she was keeping her real estate license in California, she likely wouldn’t be featured in a full-time role on Selling Sunset‘s sixth season.

“I’m probably not going to be a full cast member because it’s going to be difficult for me logistically to do the back-and-forth again,” Maya explained. “Plus, my business in Miami is really good and I want to focus on that. If I’m going to have a great client that’s worth my time to fly there, I’ll do it. If we’re filming at that time, great. But realistically speaking, I’m probably going to stay more focused in Miami.”