RHOA’s Sanya Richards-Ross’ Husband Aaron Faces Backlash for Cursing at Kenya Moore During Argument With Wife on Cast Trip, Plus Live Viewing

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RHOA’s Sanya Richards-Ross’ Husband Aaron Faces Backlash for Cursing at Kenya Moore During Argument With Wife on Cast Trip

During a cliffhanger ending on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Aaron Ross stood up from a table, as Kenya Moore called out his wife Sanya Richards-Ross. Speaking loudly, Ross halted the conversation, and told Kenya, “I don’t rock like that. Don’t f**k with my wife.”

At the time, the cast was on a trip in Jamaica – the home country of Sanya, who planned a detailed itinerary for each day. Tension occurred when Kenya and Sheree Whitfield missed the bus for one of the events, leaving the two castmates behind. During Kenya’s argument with Sanya, the former Miss USA claimed Sanya should have checked on her.

Many fans, however, were most surprised by Ross’ response, and took to Twitter to express their frustration.

One viewer wrote, “Aaron Ross sit down and stay out women’s fights.. I hate when men get involved in women’s arguments. Your woman can handle herself.”

Another viewer shared a similar sentiment: “Ross needs to back down. No woman needs a man’s help to have a disagreement with another woman. No one got in Sanya’s face or threw anything.”

Someone else stated, “Poor Ross want to be in women business, but looking d**n right Silly.” Another took issue with Sanya: “Sanya is so corny to me. Olympic medalist, but can’t handle a disagreement with Kenya & Sheree without her husband stepping in? BYE GIRL. Take Ross with you…”

Another alluded to Nene Leakes. “Where is Nene to tell Ross to stay out of women’s business,” they asked, before sharing a clip of a similar situation.

A different user expressed, “There was no need for him to get up and come at Kenya, nothing aggressive or out of pocket was said. I doubt he would have done it if she had a man by her side.”

Another fan compared Ross’s “energy” to Will Smith on the night of the Oscars slap.

Despite the mountain of criticism against Ross, some fans defended him.

One user tweeted, “Kenya and Sheree should’ve saved their side conversation for another time … All he said was “don’t f**k with my wife”. Only the bitter and unmarried were mad [about] it.”

Another viewer added, “I’m sorry but I’m all for Ross taking up for his wife. We’re always talking about men not protecting their women but when one does then y’all say he needs to stay out of woman’s business??”

How will the cliffhanger end? Will Ross do what fans are asking (and sit down)? How will Kenya respond to the cursing?

Earlier in the season, Kenya declared her intention to stop letting people walk over her – as she did with her ex.

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