Ciara Miller Teases Craig Fight, Shares Winter House Spoilers, and Compares Show to Summer House, Plus Who She’s Most Excited to See at BravoCon

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Ciara Miller Teases Craig Fight, Shares Winter House Spoilers, and Compares Show to Summer House, Plus Who She's Most Excited to See at BravoCon

Ciara Miller treated her fans and followers on Instagram to an “Ask Me Anything” session on Monday, where she teased the upcoming drama of Winter House season two.

Weeks before the premiere of the Summer House spinoff, Ciara revealed that all was not well between herself and Craig Conover amid filming. She then teased their drama, compared the show to Summer House, and revealed which Bravolebrity she’s most excited to cross paths with at BravoCon 2022.

“[Love] you and Craig’s friendship! Will you go live [with] him to watch Winter House again?” a fan asked amid Ciara’s September 19 chat.

“Maybe. Not [too] sure if I will watch, but just now when you’re watching me and Craig fight, we do still love each other,” Ciara replied. “It’s a brother sister, can’t let his head get too big type of love.”

Ciara Miller Teases Falling Out With Craig Conover on Winter House

Then, when another person asked for Winter House spoilers, Ciara offered a bit more information.

“Craig messes up the [Paige DeSorbo]/Ciara roommate duo,” she shared, signaling the couple’s nearly year-long romance.

Ciara Miller Teases Winter House Drama With Craig Conover

A third fan asked Ciara which series she preferred between Summer House and Winter House.

“I meannnn [I don’t know] if I could pick really,” Ciara admitted.

She then weighed the pros and cons of each show. She said that Summer House had better weather and included Mya Allen as a cast member, but it made her miss spending the summer months with other friends. She then noted that Winter House took up less of her time but required way more clothes.

Ciara Miller Compares Summer House to Winter House

Another person wondered, “Who are you the most/least excited to see at BravoCon?”

“Most excited to see [Garcelle Beauvais of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills],” Ciara confirmed, adding that she’s “been watching her since I was like [five] and she was on The Jamie Foxx Show. And I’ve always loved her.”

As for who she’s “least excited” about seeing, that honor went to Paige.

Summer House Ciara Miller is Most Excited to See RHOBH Garcelle Beauvais at BravoCon

Ciara then continued with her sarcastic antics against Paige, joking that she “can’t stand” her or Hannah Berner, whose wedding she recently attended.

Summer House Ciara Miller Jokes About Friendships With Hannah and Paige

But despite her jokes, Ciara told another fan that when it comes to her friendship with Paige, she has complete trust in her castmate.

“Love that you [and] Paige are ‘girl girls’ and have each other’s back. Good friends are hard to come by,” a fan had noted.

“Eyes closed. Back turned. 365. In the middle of the night,” Ciara agreed.

Summer House Ciara Miller on Friendship With Paige DeSorbo

Also during the discussion, Ciara was asked about her favorite Bravo show other than Summer House.

“[The Real Housewives of Atlanta],” she replied. “Really can’t watch reality TV without getting anxiety. But I love my [Atlanta] fam… [and] sometimes [The Real Housewives of Potomac].”

Winter House Ciara Miller Reveals RHOA is Favorite Bravo Show Aside From Summer House

Winter House season two premieres on Thursday, October 13, at 9/8c on Bravo.