Below Deck Med’s Natasha Webb Calls Captain Sandy’s Criticism a “Kick in the Stomach” After She’s Pulled Aside About “Sh-t Show” on Ship

by Lindsay Cronin
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VIDEO: Below Deck: Med's Natasha Webb Calls Captain Sandy Criticism at "Kick in the Stomach" After She's Pulled Aside About "Sh-t-Show" on Ship

Chief stew Natasha Webb will be seen getting some tough criticism from Captain Sandy Yawn on tonight’s new episode of Below Deck: Mediterranean season seven.

In a sneak peek at the September 26 episode, Sandy pulls Natasha aside, assuring her that while she’s doing a good job, she needs to make some changes to her nighttime routine to ensure a tidy ship.

“I don’t want to crush your spirit. You’re doing awesome at service. So that’s not what it is. It’s the filth that’s downstairs,” Sandy tells Natasha.

According to Sandy, she’s not so sure that Natasha needs two staffers on service with guests each night. But according to Natasha, she feels that she does need two people tending to the guests to ensure they have the drinks and food they desire at all times.

As the conversation continues, Sandy recommends that one of Natasha’s two service staffers clean the floor before everyone goes to bed.

“Can’t that happen before you go to bed so when I wake up, I don’t walk down to a sh-t show?” Sandy asks. “Because it’s basically how it’s left.”

“I think it’s about time management, really. Before you go down, the floors have to be clean,” she continues, making sure that Natasha doesn’t feel like she’s not doing a good job.

“You’re drinks are incredible, your costumes, your ideas… It’s just, when I walk down there, it’s dirty,” she states.

Meanwhile, in a confessional, Natasha admits the feedback was hard to hear.

“That’s really like a kick in the stomach. But it’s my job to take criticisms like this. So I’m gonna try my best and do all I can to fix it because I care about my job,” she explains, determined to be proactive.

Later in the sneak peek, after Natasha tells Chef Dave White it was “disheartening” to be called out for her dirty pantry, Captain Sandy shares some good news with the entire team, revealing that their latest guests left them a $20,000 (or $1,800 per person) tip. She then gives them an entire day off.

Because Natasha wants to get the ship back in order, however, she opts out of the day off.

“The only way to catch up with this pantry mess is not to go on the night out. I’d rather make the pantry clean and tidy. I care about my job,” she notes.

And luckily, she doesn’t have to do so alone as stew Kyle Viljoen also chooses to stay back.

Below Deck: Mediterranean season seven airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.