RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant on Why She Made Chris Drama a Storyline, Disses Karen, Shares Update With Jamal, Plus Teases Karen & Charrisse’s Feud, & Live Viewing

by Adam Ragsdale
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RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant Addresses Encounter With Chris Bassett, Says “Immature” Candiace Blew Up Story and Teases Karen and Charrisse’s Feud, Plus Talks Robyn, Dating and Ex Jamal

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On the current season of the Real Housewives of Potomac, Gizelle Bryant accused castmate Chris Bassett of making her feel uncomfortable. The story took place at a former reunion after Chris allegedly asked Gizelle to speak with him alone in her room. Gizelle eventually relayed this information to Chris’ wife, Candiace Dillard.

Later, however, Chris claimed Gizelle asked him to speak in her room. Candiace recently suggested that Gizelle was setting Chris up for a storyline. Castmate Karen Huger also seemed to question why Gizelle shared her story with the public.

In an interview for the Reality With The King podcast with Carlos King, Gizelle responded to Karen’s past insinuation that she was a “Hampton University wh**e” with a “hot box.”

“Yes, I went to Hampton, and yes, I graduated. Karen, you did not,” said Gizelle. “Karen, a lot of times, doesn’t know what to say … We’ve jabbed at each other so much she wants to come up with new s**t. So, you know, that was cute. But you have to keep in mind, Karen, I’m formally educated. You’re not.”

She went on to say, “My hot box, or vagina, or whatever I got going on between my legs. Y’all just mad because I’m single. I can do whatever I want with it. Y’all try to sneak [around] and do what you want with [yours].”

Gizelle also addressed allegations that costar Robyn Dixon is her “lapdog” who never disagrees with her (and isn’t relevant for the show).

Gizelle revealed she and Robyn have disagreed “many a time” on the show, but “they don’t show it … It bothers me because I know that that’s not her … Robyn is necessary and needed for the show.”

Eventually, the host brought up Gizelle’s allegations against Chris and asked if Chris as a person made her uncomfortable – or if she was put off by the optics.

“I think it was both,” she answered. “That evening, Chris was very drunk at that point of the night … We could have talked in the hallway. I didn’t get why he wanted to go to my room. So once we were there, it just made me feel uncomfortable … I have never said this man lured me. I’ve never said he preyed on me. I’ve never said that I was accusing him of sexual assault, even though the other side is talking real crazy.”

Gizelle said she never thought Chris would “lie” about who suggested going into her room.

“I wasn’t gonna say anything at all,” she added. “Because I feel like … This has happened to me before when it comes to a married man … but then as this season started, and he started DMing Ashley [Darby] and he DMs me, it just was like whoa, he’s doing too much and … his wife needs to know.”

Gizelle also never imagined the situation would blow up this “big.”

“I have no idea why we’re still talking about this,” she said. “None.”

Carlos also brought up speculation that Gizelle hurt Chris’ reputation to make a good storyline. Gizelle responded, “I’m just speaking my truth. I’ll be honest with you. I’m not ghost-producing. I’m not doing any of that … I think Candiace has made this a bigger issue and a bigger deal than Gizelle.”

Gizelle also claimed Candiace is “trying to save face,” and called her “emotionally very immature … She has a hard time processing anything … She’s emotionally like in high school.”

According to the ‘OG,’ Candiace is not a “grown woman,” because a grown woman would tell her partner to apologize.

Gizelle also shared she’s in a “great” place with her ex-husband Jamal Bryant, whom she “relies” on. “Jamal’s my guy,” she said, “and he always will be.”

Regarding her love life, Gizelle explained she’s “dating,” but not “exclusively” – because she wants to spend time with her daughters before they leave for college.

The host then asked why Karen is avoiding Charrisse Jackson-Jordan, an ‘OG’ alum who’s made several appearances in the season.

“It really shocked all of us that Karen went so hard … avoiding Charrisse, saying she wasn’t gonna, ‘I’m not filming with her. Oh no, Gizelle, Charrisse? What do you mean? Why is she here? Oh my gosh, I’m not going to give her that kind of light,'” said Gizelle, speaking as Karen. “Like all of that was happening when we weren’t filming.”

Then, Gizelle seemed to suggest why Karen was avoiding Charrisse: “Let’s be clear. Does Charrisse have a lot of tea on Karen? Yes, she does. And it will be spilled.”

Carlos asked if the “tea” concerned rumors about Karen stepping out on her marriage. Gizelle claimed she couldn’t reveal details but added, “I will say that Charrisse has tea that we’ve all known … We just didn’t spill it.”

“When Karen was screaming, ‘Gizelle’s broke and she’s a whore’ … and all that nonsense, Gizelle still kept everything in the back pocket, because I don’t need to [spill it],” said Gizelle. “But once the tea is spilled, now I’m gonna talk about it.”

Gizelle then shared that this is the “tea” she referred to in a past season when she promised Karen she’d reveal it over time. “And I still got more that I still haven’t said,” said the star. “And guess what? Karen doesn’t even need to worry … cause I’m actually a nice person.”

The 52-year-old, who flew to Thailand for season 3 of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, called the season a “great combination of drama” and “stupid-*ss activities.”

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