Leva Bonaparte Shares Where Oliva and Taylor Stand With Southern Charm Exes After Public Splits from Shep and Austen

by Josh Ramsey
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Leva Bonaparte Says Oliva Flowers and Taylor Ann Green Are “Done” With Southern Charm Exes After Public Splits from Shep and Austen

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Southern Charm star, Leva Bonaparte, is giving fans an update on where her friends and costars, Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers, stand with their respective exes.

Leva revealed that she’s been hanging out with the girls and judging by her talks with them, the “ship has sailed” for both women on their past romances with Shep Rose and Austen Kroll.

“I had drinks with Taylor and Olivia, and I think that ship has sailed for her and Olivia in terms of the men of Southern Charm,” Leva told Us Weekly on Tuesday, November 15th. “

The Republic Garden and Lounge co-founder added that both women were “wonderful, sweet girls” and “adores” them both. Leva noted that while Taylor and Olivia were “great catches,” they weren’t good matches for Shep and Austen.

“They’re sweet girls. I adore them both,” Leva said. “I don’t think that [they’re getting] back [together] from my talks with Taylor. No.”

Both Taylor and Olivia had very public splits with their costar exes earlier this year.

Taylor and Shep dated for more than two years, and during the Southern Charm season 8 reunion special that was filmed back in September, Taylor did not hold back her feelings of animosity towards Shep and claimed he “uses” women and alleged Shep had slept with more than 300 women, and he “wrapped” her in “slew of whores.”

“We spent two and a half years together. You’ve allegedly slept with over 300 women,” Taylor claimed during the reunion. “You went out. You partied. Now you’ve wrapped me into this slew of whores who you’ve f—king. And now I’m just a number. And that’s what f—ked me up in the head.”

Leva had a different take on Olivia and Austen’s relationship and insisted that Austen genuinely cared for Olivia during their relationship that began in late 2021. She noted it may not translate that way on the show, but the feelings were real.

“Austen was very into her the entire time filming. He literally was just like, ‘This is gonna be my wife,’” Leva recalled. “Olivia and I, before we started filming Southern Charm [season 8], we had a dual birthday [party] — [because] our birthdays are a few days apart — at Bourbon N’ Bubbles. And he was just like, ‘Who’s that girl? I’m gonna marry her.’”

“He was very into her from the beginning. You don’t see it that way necessarily on the show, but he really was,” she firmly stated.

However, Olivia stated during the reunion that Austen wasn’t prepared for a committed relationship.

“I was ready to be in the relationship, but it was him that, like, couldn’t figure it out,” she told host Andy Cohen.

Although Leva says Olivia is “done” with Austen, the Kings Calling Brewing Co. founder, Austen revealed back in October that he would “never say never” to revisiting their romance.

“I would never say never with her. She’s such an important person in my life and, like, she was huge for me, you know, this year to kind of get back to, you know, who I think that I am,” the Pillows and Beer podcaster revealed. “So, I would never say never with that one.”

Leva has a new spin-off show titled, Southern Charm Hospitality, that is set to set to premiere on Monday, November 28th at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.