Kathy Hilton Shares If She’s Spoken to Sister Kyle Richards Amid Feud, Seemingly Changes Tune on RHOBH Ultimatum, and Faces Backlash For Applying Lipgloss Amid Mariska Hargitay’s PCA Speech

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Kathy Hilton on If She's Spoken to Kyle, Seemingly Changes Tune on RHOBH Ultimatum, and Faces Backlash for Applying Lipgloss Amid Mariska Hargitay Speech

Kathy Hilton offered an update on her relationship with sister Kyle Richards at Monday night’s People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

Before causing a stir by applying lipgloss on stage as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actress Mariska Hargitay gave a speech about equality, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star discussed Kyle and seemingly backtracked on her ultimatum regarding Lisa Rinna‘s future on the show.

“I have not talked to [Kyle] in a while,” Kathy confirmed during a December 6 interview with Access Hollywood. “We’ve texted but I have not talked to her for a while.”

And while Kathy previously said she would not return to RHOBH if Lisa and Erika Jayne were brought back, she now seems to be content leaving their fates up to network execs.

“You know what? That is not for me to… I would never want… That’s up to Universal NBC, Andy Cohen, and Bravo,” she stated. “I don’t believe that anyone’s starting [to film season 13] for I’d say another month. But I don’t know. I don’t make the rules.”

Then, after saying she was most excited to see her RHOBH castmates at the event, Kathy revealed her New Year’s resolution.

“My New Year’s resolution is to try to really enjoy, stop, smell the flowers, and enjoy every minute,” she said.

Also during Monday night’s People’s Choice Awards, Kathy shocked fans by drawing attention to herself as Mariska gave a speech after accepting an award for Best Drama TV Star of 2022.

In her acceptance speech, Mariska gave a nod not only to equality but also to the ability to choose.

“I love this award so much because of the two words in it,” she said, per E! News. “The first word is people. And that’s people from all origins and all ethnicities and all creeds, and all genders and all identity that make this whole glorious mix of all of us.”

“The second word, and that’s even more important, is choice,” she continued. “So I just want to celebrate our ability in all of us the willingness in all of us to choose kindness, and compassion and courage and to choose to listen and to learn and to build a bridge between our differences and our divides.”

Because Mariska’s speech was so heartfelt and meaningful, a number of social media users were put off by Kathy’s behavior, taking to the comments section of the Queens of Bravo‘s Instagram post to express their frustrations.

“Omg, how can people not think this is rude? She comes off so entitled and aloof to me,” one person stated.

“I don’t find this funny or iconic, it’s rude [as f-ck] and cringe,” said another.

“She probably thought she was off camera but still, don’t disrespect Detective Benson like that!” a third demanded.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 is expected to begin filming in early 2023.