RHOSLC’s Jen Shah Body-Shames Lisa Barlow in Nasty Twitter Feud as Jen Suggests Lisa and Whitney Are ‘Low’ For Liking Post About Prison

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RHOSLC’s Jen Shah Calls Lisa Barlow a B*tch as Lisa Claps Back in Nasty Twitter Feud, Plus Jen Reacts to Lisa and Whitney Liking Post About Jail Time

Jen Shah called out Lisa Barlow on Twitter over the weekend, sparking an all-out social media feud between the two of them.

After returning to Twitter after quitting, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member seemed to issue a threat to Lisa, which led Lisa to clap back at her legally troubled and soon-to-be-sentenced co-star by telling her to spend time with her family and making it clear that she is not afraid of her, despite what fans may have seen amid last week’s boat excursion.

“I’m back – [Lisa Barlow] get ready b-tch,” Jen tweeted on December 11.

“B-tch? That’s a word you should get used to hearing,” Lisa replied. “Are you mad that you didn’t get a pair of laaaa boutons and taking it out on me? Go [spend] time with your family.”

RHOSLC Lisa Barlow Shades Jen After She Returns to Twitter

Then, when a viewer mentioned that Lisa didn’t fight back against Jen as she shoved her amid their feud on last week’s show, Lisa denied being fearful of her castmate.

“Lisa, the way you were letting Jen SHOVE you around tonight made you look scared of her,” the fan said.

“Did I move?” Lisa asked.

RHOSLC Lisa Barlow Denies Being Scared of Jen Shah

Another person wanted to know why Lisa keeps welcoming Jen back into her life.

“Trying to figure out why you kept trying with Jen,” they shared.

“Last try,” Lisa confirmed.

Lisa Barlow Confirms She Gave Jen Her Last Try Amid RHOSLC Season 3

Also on Twitter, after the Queens of Bravo shared a post in which a caption featured Lisa slamming Jen as the “fakest f-ck,” saying she’s as “fake as your boobs, your a–, your face,” and “everything,” Jen turned the tables on her co-star.

“Lisa Barlow was *done* with Jen and she is not holding back,” the outlet stated.

And Jen replied, “If that’s what we’re doing…then you’re as fake as your Cheeto finger licking good spray tan, nose job, eye job, boob job…it’s too bad your privilege can’t get rid of those cankles tho.”

RHOSLC Jen Shah Slams Lisa as Fake, Accuses Her of Privilege

Jen then targeted Lisa and Whitney Rose with a post shared on her Instagram Story by resharing a Twitter message from a fan who criticized the RHOSLC cast members for “liking” a tweet about Jen’s potential future in prison.

“So this comment was liked by [Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose] and that goes to show what kind of human beings they are,” the fan wrote. “[I don’t know] what [Jen Shah] did but at least she’s owning up to her actions, but to like this kind of comments that’s a little [too] much nasty human beings.”

In the tweet in question, a different RHOSLC viewer had said, “Drag her! She will be begging for Vida when she’s having to make her wine from a prison toilet cause she can’t stop drinking.”

And also on Jen’s IG Story, she included an additional message from someone else, who added, “I had low expectations of Whitney and Lisa but this goes lower than that … Shame on them.”

RHOSLC Jen Shah Shades Whitney and Lisa for Liking Tweet

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