RHOM’s Lenny Hochstein Accuses Ex Lisa of Romancing 2 Men and Splurging $9K on Designer, Plus Reveals How Much He Spent on Party as GF Katharina Reacts to Restraining Order Dismissal

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 RHOM’s Lenny Hochstein Accuses Ex Lisa of Romancing 2 Men and Splurging $9K on Designer, Plus Reveals How Much He Spent on Party as GF Katharina Reacts to Restraining Order Dismissal

Real Housewives of Miami husband Lenny Hochstein and girlfriend Katharina Mazepa are firing back at estranged wife Lisa Hochstein’s so-called continuous efforts to play the victim in their pending divorce.

The divorce has become extremely nasty with both sides making explosive allegations in the press against one another, including Lenny not providing for his and Lisa’s children, Logan and Elle, as well as Lenny’s accusations that Lisa’s partying ways ruined their marriage.

In new court documents obtained by Page Six, Lenny is fighting back against Lisa’s claims that the Halloween party that Lenny allegedly threw this past year was full of women and made Lisa uncomfortable.

In fact, Lenny claims in the documents that Lisa was more than OK with the party and even began a liaison with at least two men who were at the event.

“Not only did [Lisa] invite over 100 guests of her own choosing to the party, [Lisa] also invited at least two male guests who [Lisa] has been romantically involved with during the pendency of this dissolution proceeding, if not earlier,” the document read.

“[Lenny] maintains that [Lisa] not only attended the Halloween party which [he] hosted at the parties’ former Marital Home on Saturday evening, Oct. 29, 2022, but [Lisa] also hosted the annual party and invited over one hundred (100) guests,” the court documents continued.

Lenny is also contesting the amount he allegedly spent on the bash. Lisa previously stated that he spent at least $100,000 to host the event, but Lenny is contradicting the claims and says he spent much more.

“[Lenny] spent approximately $540,000.00 to host the party and not the sum of ‘approximately $100,000.00’ as falsely alleged by [Lisa,]” his attorneys stated in the filing.

Lenny also accused Lisa of spending $9,000 on designer items right after saying she had no money to support their children, per Page Six.

The Halloween party in question was held a mere five months after Lenny filed for divorce from Lisa,  which occurred after 12 years of marriage.

Shortly after, Lenny went public with model girlfriend Katharina — a move that Lisa says “blindsided” her and led to a public spat and a drink being thrown in a Miami nightclub, according to sources.

Both Lenny and Katharina maintain that their relationship was never intimate until after his separation from Lisa as that would have meant he was “cheating on [his] wife.”

Katharina then filed a restraining order against Lisa for “bullying” her online and creating “fake troll accounts” to accost and attack her.

However, that case was recently dismissed as a judge found no evidence or grounds to retain the order. This was much to the dismay of Katharina, who alleges that Lisa herself admitted that she had created such accounts.

“Lisa Hochstein is far from innocent and has taken the victim narrative too far,” the model told Page Six in a statement via email on Monday, December 12.

“Lisa admitted herself in her own testimony that she did in fact create several Instagram accounts used to maliciously attack me online,” Katharina continued.

Katharina then slammed the judge’s decision to dismiss the case and said that “under some limited caselaw, it should be expected for a woman scorned to retaliate. The fact of the matter is, the judge found on the record that she had committed those acts, but felt that Lisa was ‘a woman scorned.’”

Katharina claims that since the order’s dismissal, she has continued to receive “demeaning comments, insults, and death threats.”

“Lisa made it clear it was her goal to ‘destroy me’ and ‘getting me dragged’ as she even put into writing in one of the comments, she posted herself,” Katharina said in her statement to the outlet. “She told me herself she will dramatize this on her TV show until my public image is destroyed. It is sad to see that someone would abuse their power and influence on TV, on social media and in the media to maliciously further their bullying campaign.”

Lisa has yet to respond for comment regarding Katharina and Lenny’s claims.

The Real Housewives of Miami recently entered into its fifth season and is now available for streaming on Peacock.