RHOSLC’s Jen Shah Requests 3-Year Sentence and Blames Crimes on “Painful Experiences,” Plus Set to Film One-on-One With Andy Cohen After Skipping Reunion?

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RHOSLC's Jen Shah Requests 3-Year Sentence and Blames Crimes on "Painful Experiences," Plus Set to Film One-on-One With Andy Cohen After Skipping Reunion?

Jen Shah is hoping to be dealt with just three years in prison when she attends her sentencing hearing next month.

In a recently-filed request, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star asked a judge to give her a three-year sentence after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in July following a years-long telemarketing scheme that targeted the elderly.

“The terrible business decisions I made and professional relationships I developed stemmed from some personal painful experiences that I was going through in my life,” Jen wrote to the judge, via CNN, in a letter titled, “How I got involved in the situation?”

Although guidelines for Jen’s crimes could garner the reality star with between 11 and 14 years in prison, and the Probation Department has already recommended a six-year term, Jen hopes to evade spending so much time away from her family. And in their own statement, Jen’s attorneys are hoping to assist her in her efforts as they insist she wasn’t a “kingpin” in the scheme — and claim Jen didn’t have direct contact with victims.

Meanwhile, prosecutors claim it was Jen who came up with the leads to target, and they say she even sold website design services to elderly people with no computers.

Also in their statement to the judge, Jen’s attorneys requested that the judge ignore her portrayal on RHOSLC.

“Just as Jen Shah has never been a ‘housewife,’ little else is real about her persona and caricature as portrayed by the editors of RHOSLC,” her attorneys said.

Along with Jen’s documents to the court were 30 letters from family and friends — none of whom are featured on RHOSLC — and a request to do her time at the federal prison in Bryan, Texas.

In additional information shared by the Real Housewives Zone on Instagram, a woman named Emily D. Baker was seen discussing the filing on Twitter.

“It’s argued that there are two Jen Shahs. The one in Utah, and the one in New York … [Jen] wanted to get away from the ‘bad associations’ in NYC, be the first Tongan [and] Muslim housewife, wanted to set an example for minority girls and women and restart her life,” she explained, in part.

Jen Shah Claims She's One of Two, Wanted to Represent Tongan and Muslims on RHOSLC

The Bravo Docket on Instagram further detailed Jen’s filing, sharing that the RHOSLC cast member detailed how her two sons would be impacted by her time behind bars and suggesting the show is “partially scripted and highly edited.”

RHOSLC Jen Shah Details How Sons Will Be Impacted by Sentence

“My poor judgement and bad business associations caused innocent people to lose their money and be victimized by investing in poorly structured businesses/products that I influenced or controlled. For that, I am genuinely sorry, and I will work for the rest of my life to make it right,” Jen also said in her filing.

In other Jen Shah news, rumors are swirling in regard to a potential one-on-one special between Jen and Andy Cohen after she skipped the season three reunion taping on Friday.

“BREAKING: Jen Shah is reportedly set to film a 2 hour sit down interview with Andy Cohen after the outrage from fans on her reunion absence. It will air the week after the 3-part reunion concludes,” a man named Aidan shared on Twitter on December 18.

Jen Shah to Film One-on-One With Andy Cohen After Skipping RHOSLC Reunion

And this isn’t the first time a one-on-one has been thought of as a possibility.

Back in October, while attending BravoCon in New York City, Andy said he’d like to “talk to her at some point on camera.”

“I have a lot of questions for her,” he explained.

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