VIDEO: See RHOM Midseason Trailer! Nicole Accuses Larsa of Jeopardizing Job, Alexia and Marysol Slam “Fake” Adriana, and Lenny’s Mom Turns on Lisa?

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RHOM Midseason Trailer!

Is Lenny Hochstein‘s mom turning on his estranged wife, Lisa Hochstein?

After Marina Hochstein was seen supporting Lisa, 40, through their divorce, even expressing her disgust in the 56-year-old plastic surgeon’s relationship with “disgusting” and “evil” Katharina Mazepa, 27, the midseason trailer for The Real Housewives of Miami hints at drama between the two women as Alexia Echevarria, 55, and Marysol Patton, 56, seemingly end their friendship with Adriana De Moura, 57.

“You had the Halloween party. It was a lot of girls,” Marina notes to Lisa in the sneak peek clip, seemingly suggesting that Lisa set herself up for divorce.

“This is no excuse,” Lisa fires back.

But the main drama of the RHOM midseason trailer is based around the friendship between Alexia, Marysol, and Adriana, especially after Adriana declares that Marysol’s ex-boyfriend told her, “I was never in love with Marysol.”

Although Alexia and Marysol previously discussed rumors that suggested Adriana was dating a married man, which that man denied, Adriana’s comment to Marysol appeared to cross a major line — even after Adriana seemingly offered an apology to her co-star.

“I’m not going to accept this apology because you f-cked yourself,” Marysol shares as Adriana holds hands in a prayer position. “You are an a–hole.”

“You’re a fake b-tch,” Alexia says. “You deserve all of what you have because you’re a bad person.”

“You don’t know what I felt, b-tch!” Adriana replies.

Elsewhere in the trailer, the tension between Larsa Pippen, 48, and Nicole Martin, 37, reaches an all-time high as Nicole yells, “Larsa is an arsonist,” and sends her castmate a gift message that reads, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fake one of all?”

Nicole then hints that when it comes to her frustrations with Larsa, she was prompted to act out against her after learning Larsa spoke of her alleged sexual relationships with other doctors at her hospital.

“I could lose my f-cking job for that dumb-ss accusation. Being a young Latina and pretty, do you know how many prejudices, stereotypes, and judgments you have to overcome?” Nicole asks Alexia.

Also in the trailer, Julia Lemigova, 50, tells Adriana she’s started calling “adoption agencies,” and Alexia is seen taking her youngest son, Frankie Rosello, 25, who was involved in a serious car accident when he was 13, to meet with a therapist.

“Have you ever taken an Uber anywhere, or a Lyft, by yourself?” she asks.

“I’m scared,” Frankie admits.

And as the clip comes to an end, Adriana is seen being pushed in a wheelchair with a bandage over her ankle.

New episodes of The Real Housewives of Miami season five begin streaming every Thursday on Peacock.