Delilah Hamlin Shares New Health Struggles and Talks “Chronic Illness,” Explains Struggling in Silence After Confirming Accidental Prescription Overdose

by Lindsay Cronin
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Delilah Hamlin Talks "Chronic Illness," Explains Why She's Been Struggling in Silence After Confirming Accidental Prescription Overdose

Credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/ABACA/INSTARimages

Delilah Hamlin shared a photo of herself getting an IV drip on her Instagram Story on Tuesday. And shortly thereafter, she offered her fans and followers an update on what she describes as “chronic illness issues.”

Following a years-long health battle, amid which the 24-year-old model suffered an accidental overdose of prescription medication, Delilah opened up about her struggles, seemingly indicating she’s been relying on her faith to pull her through.

“I haven’t really spoken on my health lately [and] if you’re new here you’re probably confused but for the past few years I’ve been struggling with autoimmune/chronic illness issues that I’ve been silently battling and overcoming. It’s definitely been tough mentally alongside physically. I’ve kind of kept quiet because I don’t want to be put in a ‘sick’ role,” Delilah wrote on January 24. “I’ve faced a lot, overcome a lot, and I know that I’m going through this for a reason and that reason is to share what I’ve gone through and what I’ve learned with you.”

Delilah, the daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Lisa Rinna, 59, and actor Harry Hamlin, 71, and sister of 21-year-old Amelia Hamlin, then shared a religious quote with her online audience.

“’When you feel as though the pressure is too much, it’s because you’re stronger than you think. You’ll never discover how strong you really are until you face pressure that you’ve never faced. It may seem unbearable, but the fact that God allowed it means you can handle it. He didn’t say He’d make a way of escape so you could run from it, but so you can ‘endure it.’ God wouldn’t allow you to get in that pressure if He hadn’t designed you to handle it. You will always be able to bear whatever comes your way,’” it read.

RHOBH Delilah Hamlin Talks Chronic Illness While Getting IV Drip

As RHOBH fans may recall, Delilah confirmed her accidental overdose in November 2021, admitting to becoming “dependent” on Xanax as doctors attempted to treat her for a number of mysterious symptoms.

“I started getting really sick, I started feeling like I had the flu. I was getting migraines, I was having panic attacks — it was like my body was in constant ‘fight or flight’ mode. It was horrible. … For the panic attacks, they were so bad that I had to find a psychiatrist,” she recalled. “I found this guy and he … over-prescribed me.”

“I didn’t mean to at all,” she continued. “I overdosed on this one medication called Propranolol. I took Benadryl with it and, for some reason, I ended up in the hospital.”

Following the ordeal, Delilah entered a treatment center in Arizona. But after being labeled as “a medical risk” due to her seizures, she was “politely asked to leave after three weeks.”