Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke on “Biggest Pot-Stirrer” on Summer House, Regrets and Danielle Update, Plus Austen Kroll Rumor and Jessica Stocker Diss

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Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke on "Biggest Pot-Stirrer" on Summer House, Danielle Update, and Austen Kroll Rumor, Plus Jessica Stocker Diss

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Lindsay Hubbard and fiancé Carl Radke appeared on Monday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where they revealed the biggest pot stirrer of Summer House, addressed Lindsay’s ongoing drama with Danielle Olivera, and looked back on the rumors regarding Lindsay and Austen Kroll.

Before Lindsay confirmed whether or not Jessica Stocker apologized for shading her looks on Winter House, she and Carl played a game with host Andy Cohen in which they were asked to match their castmates with his descriptions.

“I’m gonna say [Kyle Cooke],” Carl told Andy on the February 13 episode of WWHL after he asked which cast member was the “biggest pot-stirrer.”

“I think so too,” Lindsay agreed as she added that “all of us” would have the most to answer to at the reunion.

Lindsay then said that she and Carl were the ones having the loudest sex as Carl took the honor of “biggest wet blanket” and noted that Danielle was the “biggest crier.”

When a virtual fan then asked if Danielle congratulated Lindsay on her and Carl’s engagement, Lindsay said she did reach out privately.

“I think a lot about our engagement and Danielle, we’re all gonna see it. So I don’t know. We’re still working it out,” she teased. “But as far as public mending our friendship, I think the challenge is that we haven’t really seen each other, and from what I’ve heard, she’s working through some things in her personal life and we’re planning a wedding so I think that just, right now, we’re just on different paths.”

Lindsay and Carl also played a second game, “Does Lindsay Regret?,” during which Carl was enlisted to predict his future wife’s answer.

After being asked if Lindsay regretted making out with Austen, despite Ciara Miller’s feelings, Carl predicts she would not, and Lindsay agreed she had no regrets. But when asked if Lindsay regretted her strained friendship with Danielle, Carl predicted she would, and Lindsay again agreed.

Then, when asked about falling asleep with Austen on the night of Kyle and Amanda Batula‘s wedding, Carl predicted Lindsay would not regret doing so, and she didn’t.

According to Lindsay, she doesn’t regret the time she spent with Austen. But, when it came to her alleged “d-ck grab,” she denied any such thing.

“Of course I didn’t. I passed out supernormally and he paints this picture like it’s a scene from Wedding Crashers that he wakes up with me on top of him, grabbing his d-ck. It just never happened,” she insisted.

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Lindsay was asked if she thinks Paige DeSorbo, Ciara, and Danielle are jealous of her relationship with Carl because they tried to date him in the past.

“No,” Lindsay responded. “I just think that they don’t necessarily understand our relationship. We’re very affectionate people and no one’s really gotten to see that from Carl up until that point, and no one’s really gotten to see that from me because I picked the worse humans ever to date before Kyle. We’re very affectionate and loving people towards each other and I think that’s just a weird thing to experience.”

As for whether or not Jessica ever apologized for her unfavorable comments, Lindsay confirmed that while Jessica did reach out, she didn’t realize it until she saw the declaration on a previous episode of WWHL.

“I was like, ‘Wait. She did?’ And I went through my DMs and then found the DM and realized she had reached out and then I think I was too busy to answer,” Lindsay explained.

“What were you busy with?” Andy asked.

“Anything,” Lindsay shadily replied.

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