Was Jen Shah Paid a $483,000 Salary for RHOSLC Season 3? Find Out How Much Will Go Towards Her $9 Million Restitution Bill

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Jen Shah's RHOSLC Season 3 Salary Revealed, Find Out How Much of Her Paycheck Will Go Towards Her $9 Million Restitution Bill

Credit: Chris Haston/Bravo

Jen Shah didn’t make nearly half a million dollars for her role on the third season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, as was previously reported.

In court documents pertaining to the fraud case against Jen, which recently landed her behind bars, it was believed to be revealed that Jen was paid $34,500 for each episode of the season (and that 25 percent of her income will go toward the $9 million she owes in restitution). However, after her salary was determined to be $483,000, the claim has been corrected.

“New court documents have revealed that Jen Shah was paid $34,500 per episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 3,” the Real Housewives Zone alleged on March 1 on Instagram, adding that because Jen was featured on 14 episodes of the season, her total earnings amounted to $483,000.

“The government are said to be coming for 25% of her total income to be paid towards restitution,” they added, citing #NoFilter With Zack Peter as the source of their information.

In a court document shared by the Instagram fan page, the garnishment of Jen’s wages was broken down into a detailed list.

Jen Shah RHOSLC Salary Revealed in Court Documents

Attorney Ronald Richards even reported on the news. But, according to an insider who reached out to Reality Blurb, his and other outlets’ information regarding Jen’s supposed salary is “false and inaccurate.”

“Update on [Jen Shah] restitution: Her production company that pays her for Bravo just revealed she is paid $34,500 per episode. She nets out at $20k. They will now take $5,128.00 per episode that remains which is 25%,” Ronald tweeted on March 1.

“This is why a lot of them overspend, they don’t make much,” he added.

Ronald Richards Reveals 25% of RHOSLC Jen Shah Earnings Will Be Used for Restitution

According to a Radar Online report, the $34,500 that was noted in court documents was not Jen’s episodic pay rate, but rather the amount Shed Media, the company that produces RHOSLC, owed to her.

After the government sent a letter to Shed in regard to Jen’s owed restitution, the production company informed the court that they were in possession of $34,500 that was owed to Jen but noted that after taxes and other fees were deducted, the amount dropped to $20,000.

The government also sent a letter to Cameo but the organization denied having any money owed to Jen.

During her final interview before the start of her 6.5-year prison sentence, with White Collar Advice, Jen said that in addition to paying off her restitution, she planned to repay the victims of her fraud crimes, many of whom were elderly.

“It’s voluntary. But for me, I wanted to make it mandatory,” she stated. “I put an amount in that I’m going to be paying and I put it in there because once it’s in my plan, that’s going to hold me accountable.”

Also during the interview, Jen explained her decision to plead guilty in July 2022 after previously standing by her innocence.

“The biggest thing for me was seeing an actual list of victim names,” she revealed. “It became a reality for me at that point that there were actually people hurt from this … And that’s when I had to make the hardest decision of my life … I had to sit there and say, ‘I have to do the right thing now.’”


The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season four is currently in production.