Peter Thomas Calls Out Mia Thornton Over Wendy Allegations on RHOP as Mia Shares Dinner Footage & Accuses Him of Lying, Plus Gordon Speaks Out

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Peter Thomas Calls Out Mia Thornton Over Wendy Allegations on RHOP as Mia Shares Receipt and Accuses Him of Lying, Plus Gordon Claims He Wanted to Borrow $60K

Peter Thomas is clapping back after Mia Thornton accused Dr. Wendy Osefo of having an affair with him. Soon after, Mia responded with receipts, and her husband Gordon shaded Peter, who he believed was their friend.

Mia unleashed the cheating rumor on the latest reunion episode of Real Housewives of Potomac in the midst of an argument with Wendy.

On his Instagram, Peter – who was previously married to Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey – released a video reacting to the insinuations.

The star said he filmed this season to promote his businesses, and his name is now tied to many episodes of drama.

“In real life, I don’t mess with none of those women,” said Peter, who claimed he only filmed with Wendy for “five minutes.”

He also denied going out to “dinner” with her or sharing a “late-night” snack. “She’s a married woman. She’s very respectful, very honorable,” he said.

Peter also addressed Mia directly, claiming she was “disrespectful” and “thirsty” when she accused him of being with Wendy. According to him, the allegation was made to “collect that check from Bravo.”

“There’s nothing cool about that,” added Peter, who declared that, if Mia uses his name in this way, he’ll have his “lawyer” be in contact, and it’ll get “really ugly.”

He hinted Mia threw his name out “recklessly,” which is hurting his “business.”

“And that’s irresponsible,” he added. “Please cease and desist.” Peter suggested he didn’t actually “know” the castmates on RHOP.

In the caption of his post, Peter called out host Andy Cohen and Bravo. “With all the s**t I am going through, then come this BULLS**T, @bravoandy @bravotv stop using me for y’all rating,” he wrote. “Please facts check before y’all air these episodes.”

Following Peter’s video, Mia took to Twitter and posted receipts to refute his claims.

“‘I didn’t go out to dinner with her, I didn’t have a late night snack with her … I only filmed with her for 5 mins! LIES! LIES! LIES!” wrote Mia, shared by @bravoshaderooom on Twitter. “Sorry, P, wrong food group, Zen Wen was playing with the Snapper! Not the Cookie.”

She then shared a video of Wendy eating with Peter as he seems to move the camera toward her empty plate.

“Look at her plate y’all,” said Peter to his followers. “Something once was in that plate.”

Wendy responded that the “snapper” was good.

Mia’s husband Gordon also reacted to Peter’s claims and released a video of his own.

Gordon said it was “interesting” that Peter — “who I thought was my friend” — claimed he didn’t really “know us like that.”

“I wonder if he didn’t know us like that the times when he’d been at our house, eating our food,” said Gordon in a video shared by @tvdeets on Twitter. “I guess he didn’t know us like that when he held our baby girl and was the first man other than myself to hold that baby girl.”

He also addressed “all the times” he and Mia went to Peter’s restaurant, supporting his business.

“And certainly I guess he didn’t know us like that when he wanted to borrow $60,000 to pay his bills at Bar One,” the husband added. “Maybe that’s his definition of not knowing us like that.”

Gordon also claimed he spoke to Peter a few days earlier, and Peter told him the publicity was actually “helping his business,” not hurting it.

Part three of The Real Housewives of Potomac season seven reunion airs March 5 on Bravo.