PHOTO of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss Looking “Super Close” on Boys Night is Leaked as Vanderpump Rules Producers Obtain Video and James Kennedy Reacts

by Lindsay Cronin
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PHOTO: See a Screenshot of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss Looking "Super Close" on Boys Night as Pump Rules Producers Obtain Video and James Looks Back on Outing

Podcast host Jamie Lynne has turned over an August 2022 video she shot of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss looking cozy to Vanderpump Rules producers.

After discussing the video on the March 14 episode of Jamie All Over, Jamie confirmed the series is in possession of the clip and encouraged viewers to stay tuned as a screenshot of Sandoval and Raquel sitting together in a parking lot looking “super close and super intimate” was teased.

On March 16, the Real Moms of Bravo on Instagram posted a message to their followers, along with a series of DMs and the screenshot of the suspicious video.

“Scheana’s friends revealed on the Jamie All Over podcast that the affair allegedly started on boys night,” the outlet wrote. “At the time, Jamie recorded a video of Tom and Raquel [that] felt intense. She didn’t share it because she didn’t want to stir the pot over something that could be innocent…”

In the accompanying DMs, Jamie was asked if she would share the video of Sandoval and Raquel.

“The show has it and I signed a release. So stay tuned!!!” Jamie replied.

“Just disappointed my funny [voiceover] will [probably] be muted,” she continued. “So I just look like a stalker. but the comedic portion would no longer be appropriate to play so I get it.”

Vanderpump Rules Jamie Lynn Shares Screenshot of Cozy Video of Sandoval and Raquel in August 2022

On her podcast, Jamie recalled the time she spent with the Pump Rules cast on boys night.

“Raquel and Sandoval were sitting on the curb outside of Saddle Ranch just talking. I didn’t realize that at the time like how close they were talking or how intimate it actually looked. So I start filming the two of them talking,” she recalled, noting that she and her friends were “clueless” about what was going on between Raquel and Sandoval at that time.

“I had this thought [at the time]. I thought, ‘I’m not posting this because this looks way too intimate and I don’t want [Ariana Madix] to feel a certain way about this,'” she continued. “I [didn’t] want her to feel disrespected.”

Although Jamie didn’t think anything of Raquel and Sandoval’s closeness at the time, she said the clip could have given Ariana reason to be concerned.

Also on Instagram this week, Raquel’s former fiance, James Kennedy, was seen reacting to a screenshot of Sandoval’s reaction to Raquel’s participation in boys night on Pump Rules.

After the Queens of Bravo, via Bravo Betch, said the smile on his face when Raquel walked in “spoke volumes,” James agreed.

“It really did,” he wrote.

Vanderpump Rules James Kennedy Reacts to Clip of Sandoval Looking Lovingly at Raquel

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