Lala Kent Says Raquel & Tom Once Caught “Under Covers Together,” Shares Who Saw Their Video, Why She Didn’t Tell Ariana Her Suspicions and Accuses Raquel of ‘Staging’ Tell-All, Plus She Talks Blacking Out at Vanderpump Rules Reunion

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Lala Kent Says Raquel & Tom Were Once Caught "Under Covers Together," Shares Who Saw Their Video, Why She Didn't Tell Ariana Her Suspicions as She Accuses Raquel of 'Staging' Tell-All, Plus Talks Blacking Out at Vanderpump Rules Reunion

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo, Instagram

Lala Kent appeared on Jeff Lewis‘ SiriusXM Radio show on Monday, where she opened up about Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval‘s disturbing affair.

Before admitting to blacking out and going “crazy” at the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion and reacting to Raquel’s tell-all interview, Lala revealed if she’s seen Sandoval’s NSFW video of Raquel, looked back on her suspicions about the couple, and explained why she didn’t share her thoughts with Ariana Madix.

“The only person that saw it I believe was Ariana because that’s how she caught Tom and Raquel doing whatever they were doing,” Lala revealed on the March 28 episode of Jeff Lewis Live.

While Lala hasn’t seen the video and doesn’t “have it,” she confirmed Raquel and Sandoval were pleasuring themselves in the clip and noted that Ariana has said she doesn’t “wanna know anything” more about the affair.

According to Lala, who thinks Tom Schwartzfor sure knew” what was going on between Sandoval and Raquel before the rest of us, he wasn’t the only one who was onto the couple.

“I knew. You’ll see this season, during regular filming, before cameras went back up, I was saying, from experience, ‘These two have crossed a line. They’re f-cking each other.’ [But] I didn’t have any proof,” she explained.

And because she didn’t have any proof and hasn’t been “super close” to Ariana “for a while,” Lala instead went to Scheana Shay with the information.

“Scheana did ask Ariana and Raquel and I believe Sandoval and they all said nothing’s going on,” Lala recalled. “[But] when you’re in it, you don’t see it. They’ve all been beating themselves up and I’m like, ‘I get why you didn’t see the red flags. That’s how I was with [Randall Emmett].’”

On one particular occasion, Lala said Raquel and Sandoval were caught “under covers together.”

“They’re like, ‘Oh, this is weird but they’re just best friends.’ … This was at some party or something,” she revealed.

Then, after comparing Raquel to “SpongeBob Squarepants with like a pretty face,” Lala said that if Raquel weren’t a friend of Ariana’s, she’d think she’d been “groomed” by Sandoval.

Also on Jeff Lewis Live, Lala said she was “still recovering” from the Pump Rules reunion.

“My mind is fried,” she said. “I completely blacked out, I was like, enraged. Because even though this didn’t directly affect me, I don’t want to say it didn’t directly affect me, because it did trigger me. It reminded me of the way Randall slithered around, so I feel for my friend. But at the same time, it was all of these times that they projected onto me all season that I was like, how in the world can you sleep at night?”

Looking back, Lala said that just prior to the reveal of Raquel and Sandoval’s affair, Sandoval said she needs to “be real.”

“I think that was the problem, is I was a little too real for your liking,” Lala responded.

And she may have also been a bit “too real” at the reunion, after which she told a producer, “I feel like I went a little too crazy.”

“And they said,” she continued, “‘I think we’ll be able to pull you back a bit when we edit this down.”

While Raquel and Sandoval’s romance has surely been heart-wrenching for Ariana, Lala believes she’s realizing this was the universe’s way of getting her out of something “she wasn’t happy in.”

“I know she was down and out because when you go home and you hate the person you’re with, you think you love them because you’ve been together for so long but you really can’t stand them and Sandoval seems like f-cking torture,” she stated.

As for Raquel’s tell-all with TMZ, during which she claimed she and Sandoval were “taking a break” and admitted Ariana didn’t react well to her apology, Lala said Raquel “set that TMZ interview up.”

“That’s the same nail salon that Scheana’s best friend works at and Ariana goes to. My crew … They were like, ‘There’s not even a chair out there. No one has ever waited outside. And her nail appointment was done,'” Lala shared. “Everyone was like, ‘No, she would’ve never set this up looking like that.’ And I’m like, ‘Hello? That was the PR plan. Don’t get ready, make it look [unexpected].'”

Also during the interview, Lala noted that while Raquel said she was genuinely interested in Schwartz, and not using him as a decoy, she said this “as [she was] screwing his best friend.”

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