Captain Lee Rosbach Shares Least Favorite Crew Member, Pet Peeve, and Favorite Below Deck Memory as Kate Talks Pregnancy and Chef Ben Dishes on Bromance

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Captain Lee Rosbach Shares Least Favorite Crew Member, Pet Peeve, and Favorite Below Deck Memory as Kate Talks Pregnancy and Chef Ben Dishes on Bromance

Captain Lee Rosbach and the many years he’s spent on Below Deck were celebrated on Watch What Happens Live on Monday amid rumors of his potential retirement.

As Kate Chastain and Chef Ben Robinson called into Andy Cohen‘s late-night talk show to discuss the times they spent with the captain, Lee confirmed his least favorite cast member, his yacht pet peeve, and shared his best moment of the show.

On the March 27 episode of WWHL, Kate said Dane Jackson was Lee’s least favorite.

“He didn’t do much work. He drank a lot. He didn’t have a lot of respect, not a lot of redeeming qualities there,” she revealed.

And Lee agreed, adding, “Dane woke me up like three times between two o’clock in the morning and four o’clock in the morning.”

Lee also agreed that his biggest pet peeve, which Kate guessed, was losing one’s radio.

“That would be true. That’s your lifeline,” he explained.

Then, after confirming she’s “due soon” and “can’t wait” to meet her baby, pregnant Kate revealed her favorite moment working with Lee.

“I really loved all the times that Lee would dress up in costumes that I chose. He was such a good sport about it and the charter guests loved it,” she shared.

Also during her appearance, Katie said she’s still in touch with a number of her Traitors co-stars.

“[Brandi Glanville] has sent me such cute and generous baby gifts, so has [Cirie Fields]. So I talk to both of them pretty often and also [Kyle Cooke],” she revealed.

At another moment, Lee dished on his favorite memory of Below Deck, saying, “It was when I got to see my bride walking down the dock,” before sharing what the past 10 years have meant to him.

“The world. They really have. It’s been … When I started this whole crazy a— ride … I’m just a captain that gets filmed doing his job. And for have it to have morphed into what it is today with the spinoffs and everything else, it’s really been humbling,” he admitted.

During his own segment, Ben, who called in from the same building where Kate lives, shared his favorite memory.

“I have many fond memories. I think Captain Lee and I just had a wonderful time just chatting with each other and getting to know each other. I really respected that. We enjoyed each other’s company on a nice level, a personal level,” he revealed.

Then, after saying he hopes that his season two meltdown is still the “biggest tantrum” that Lee’s experienced, Ben looked back on his and Lee’s “bromance” at sea.

“We were kinda bromancing one evening in the galley. I think we were just kinda evolving this wonderful torchon au fois gras. We were just kinda playing with it and we ended up putting orange zest … And Lee got a little excited,” Ben stated. “He definitely got a little excited. It was a good time. I like that really interpersonal moment.”

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Andy asked Lee what can fans expect from his one-night show, “Night Cap,” in Hollywood, Florida, on April 6.

“It’s not gonna be anything like they’re gonna expect walking in. It’s gonna be totally different. It’s gonna be a lot of things that … a different side of me,” he teased, confirming there will be no singing or dancing.

He then said that when it comes to Below Deck, he believes the series has “changed the face of the industry.”

“We were struggling to find people to get into the industry,” he admitted of life before the show began. “People in Iowa had no clue that jobs on yachts … What’s a yacht? They had no clue that these jobs existed and that they can get great paying jobs if they came out of college or whatever, they can get a good job. They can go see the world [and] have a hell of a lot of fun.”

Below Deck season 10 concluded on March 20.