Tamika Scott Shares New Updates on Relationship With LaTocha & Mom, Explains Why She’s Not Pressing Charges for $30k Theft, and Reacts to Tamar Dissing Kandi

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Tamika Scott Shares Update on Relationship with LaTocha and Mom, Explains Why She's Not Pressing Charges for $30k Theft, and Reacts to Tamar Dissing Kandi

Credit: Jordan Strauss/Bravo

Tamika Scott offered an update on her relationship with her mom, Gloria McFarlin, and her sister, LaTocha Scott, while appearing on Monday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

After releasing a lengthy video on YouTube in which she lashed out against LaTocha and her husband, Rocky Bivens, claiming the couple stole $30,000 from her and accusing LaTocha of cutting her out of her gospel album deal, the SWV & XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B star and Xscape group member revealed if she’s spoken to her sister since, addressed Tamar Braxton‘s feud with Kandi Burruss, and more.

“[I] haven’t had any communication [with LaTocha or Rocky], and before even filming the show, the show we did, I called, I was trying to sit down with her, trying to talk with her about a lot of things, but she didn’t want to talk with me,” Tamika revealed on the April 3 episode of WWHL. “[LaTocha] definitely changed her number.”

According to Tamika, Gloria won’t give her the phone number of LaTocha, who she said is “definitely” her mom’s “favorite,” because she “needs her piece.”

Although Tamika doesn’t think her mom knew about the missing $30,000 when it happened, she confirmed her mom was told after it happened and noted that they “haven’t talked” since her YouTube video was shared.

“It was almost as if she was upset with me because I brought it to the forefront,” Tamika noted.

But while Tamika did share the information publicly, she did not press charges against her sister because she “didn’t want to see [her] sister go to jail.”

During a game of “Can! You! Defend?!,” Tamika continued to discuss her sister, denying she body shamed via text and saying she had no right to suggest Kandi had something to do with her solo project being shelved.

She then clarified that LaTocha’s gospel deal “was meant for both of us.”

“That was our deal and she took it,” she stated.

When a fan wanted to know how she felt about Tamar speaking out against Kandi, saying she isn’t a good singer, Tamika said, “Chile bye… Tamar, you know better than that. We been selling millions with Kandi’s voice.”

Also speaking of Kandi, Tamika responded to a fan who wanted to know what prompted her to spread rumors about Kandi on the radio.

“I was taking up for my sister and I do what I do for family and I was wrong and I apologized and now Kandi and I are the best of friends,” she revealed. “We met when we were like 14 … Mama Joyce is the same. Mama Joyce did not play then and she don’t play now.”

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Tamika was met with a fan who mentioned the April 7 release of LaTocha’s new album, The Invitation: A Conversation With God, and asked if LaTocha was envious of Kandi’s solo career.

“Oh her album releases Friday? Okay, make sure y’all go cop her album,” she replied, also saying, “I would think that she would want to be, because she always wanted to sing, so it has to be something that makes her want to be on the same level.”

Tamika then said that when it comes to Sunday’s finale of SWV & XSCAPE, she hasn’t seen it and doesn’t “know what to expect.”

“I’m scared,” she added.

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