Tamar Braxton Alleges Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker “Threatened” Her, Claims RHOA Stars Wanted to “Fight” Her

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Tamar Braxton Confirms Kandi Burruss is Housewife She Has Drama With, Claims RHOA Star and Husband Todd Tucker Wanted to "Fight" Her

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Tamar Braxton confirmed on Sunday night’s Watch What Happens Live that the Housewife she has drama with is none other than Kandi Burruss.

Months after cryptically revealing on her Instagram Story that she was “threatened” by a Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member and her man, Tamar was questioned by a caller who wanted to know who she was referring to.

“It was not [Eva]. And it really did happen. I’m not lying. Like, I’m not looking for drama, anything like that. That sh-t really did happen and it’s not cute,” Tamar replied on the March 19 episode of WWHL.

Then, after telling host Andy Cohen that it was not Drew Sidora, Tamar said that the woman in question was “a full housewife” on RHOA.

“It’s not Kandi,” Andy noted, assuming that Tamar’s drama wouldn’t be with her.

But after Tamar took a drink from her glass, Andy realized that Kandi was the person in question.

“I thought you and Kandi mended everything after Big Brother,” he noted, giving a nod to their time together on Celebrity Big Brother 2 in 2019.

“I thought so too. I had no idea,” Tamar admitted, telling Andy, “I’ll tell you the story later.”

Tamar then took to her Twitter page, where she responded to a couple of fans, telling one that Kandi and Todd Tucker wanted to “fight.”

“Before y’all start.. I left the situation alone,” she tweeted to someone who said she was “dropping bombs” on WWHL. “But the fact is Kandi [and] Todd wanted to fight me!! Periodt!! There was witnesses and Jr came to the next show to check Todd and she nor he won’t address it cause how do [you] defend that? The facts are the facts tho. I’m off it #changed.”

Tamar Braxton Speaks of RHOA Kandi Todd Drama on Twitter

Also on Twitter, Tamar reacted to someone who accused her of falling for the “bait” of WWHL.

“I answered a question like everyone else does,” she continued. “I’m not scared of anyone or the truth! Y’all don’t want me to say nothing cause [that’s] not her narrative on tv. It’s been months and she addresses EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.. why not this? I welcome them both to speak on it and LIE.”

Tamar Braxton Welcomes RHOA's Kandi Todd to Discuss Drama

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 15 is expected to begin airing sometime in the coming months.