Katie Maloney Reveals Opening Date for Sandwich Shop, If She’d Leave L.A., and If She’s Using Dating Apps, Plus She Talks Ariana Friendship

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Katie Maloney Reveals Opening Date for Sandwich Shop, If She'd Leave L.A., and If She's Using Dating Apps, Plus Favorite Thing About Ariana Friendship

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Katie Maloney offered an update on her sandwich shop with Ariana Madix during an “Ask Me a Question” session on her Instagram Story on Thursday night.

Before sharing her breakup advice and favorite thing about her friendship with Ariana, the Vanderpump Rules cast member said the restaurant would be opening this summer as she also revealed her thoughts on dating apps and leaving Los Angeles.

“How much longer till [Something About Her] opens???” a fan asked on April 6.

“Not to like, not have [a] definitive date, because we just really don’t have one, but it’s going to be like, this summer. It is,” Katie confirmed. “We are decorating. That’s where we’re at right now. So it’s just a matter of if everything goes according to plan and right and there’s no like, hiccups along the way, which you can’t always plan for.”

“The last thing I wanna do is say like, ‘It’s gonna be this date,’ and then it’s not and then everybody’s like, ‘What the hell happened?’ So we’re planning for this summer,” Katie continued. “So just stay tuned. I’ll let you know.”

Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney Reveals Something About Her Will Open in Summer 2023

Another person wondered if Katie would ever leave L.A.

“Potentially but I love it here,” she responded. “Never say never.”

Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney on If She'd Ever Move Out of Los Angeles

As for whether or not she’s been using dating apps in the months since her divorce from Tom Schwartz, Katie said, “NOPE.”

Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney Does Not Use Dating Apps

Katie then reacted to a fan who asked for her “best advice for someone going through a break up of a long relationship.”

“I call it being slightly delusional about life in the form of manifesting things. Romanticize your life,” she advised. “Picture yourself as like, a main character in a rom-com. You are going to walk into the world and just, the most fantastic things are gonna happen: You’re gonna get the best job or you’re gonna meet that person that’s gonna sweep you off your feet. And really believe it. You’re gonna go out there and put that energy out there.

“It’s the law of attraction. When you start really kind of believing those things could happen, things that are just slightly delusional in a healthy way, the kind of energy changes. It’s kind of fun,” she added.

Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney Offers Breakup Advice After Divorce

Lastly, Katie told one of her curious followers about her favorite thing about her friendship with Ariana.

“One thing I like about my friendship with Ariana — and specifically with Ariana because she was more like this and I’ve tried to be more like this myself in our friendship — is the ability to be objective when it comes to [our friends],” Katie shared. “We don’t always get along with each other’s friends … For instance, me and [Tom Sandoval] not getting along but it not affecting our friendship. She’s done like a really, really wonderful job of that.

“That wasn’t always the case but I really feel that in the most recent years, that we’ve been able to maintain and have our friendship grow in despite of that and I really like that,” she gushed.

Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney on What She Likes About Ariana Friendship

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