Pump Rules’ Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz to Split Profit From $2.5 Million Home as Divorce Settlement Details Are Revealed and Katie Debuts New Look

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Pump Rules' Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz to Split Profit From $2.5 Million Home as Divorce Settlement Details Are Revealed and Katie Debuts New Look

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Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz are splitting the profit from the July sale of their $2.5 million home in the Valley Village neighborhood of Los Angeles as part of their recently agreed upon divorce settlement.

As details about the settlement are revealed, and Katie goes public with a different hairstyle, a new report has confirmed that the Vanderpump Rules cast members settled their divorce case without “any nasty fights” and agreed to split the proceeds from their former residence down the middle.

According to an October 11 report from Radar Online, Katie and Tom have each been awarded with half of the net proceeds from the sale of their home, or $1.25 million.

As Pump Rules fans may recall, Katie and Tom bought the home in 2019 for $1.925 million.

In addition to splitting the profit from their former home, Katie was able to retain possession of her vehicles, the money in her personal bank accounts, her furniture, clothing, appliances, jewelry, and more. Meanwhile, Tom was allowed to keep his vehicles and bank accounts, as well as his clothing, jewelry, and a lot of land in Florida.

As for Tom’s successful restaurant and bar, TomTom, and his soon-to-be-opened Schwartz & Sandy’s venue, Katie did not fight for ownership for either. Instead, she allowed Tom to keep his businesses and the interest he has in the companies as she retained the idea for her and Ariana Madix‘s sandwich shop.

Katie and Tom also agreed that they will not request spousal support from the other.

In other Pump Rules news, Katie recently took to her Instagram Story, where she showed off an all-new look: a short bob hairstyle.


Following the reveal of Katie’s new look, a number of fans weighed in on the shorter style, some of whom loved the haircut and others who weren’t so thrilled.

“She looks amazing now that she’s not with Tom!” one person wrote.

“Marriage must’ve been weighing her down. She’s never looked better,” another noted.

“Beautiful and I love the new hair cut,” agreed a third.

But others took issue with the look, suggesting that it made her look “old” and like a Karen.

“No. It didn’t work for her 2 years ago and it isn’t working for her now,” someone stated.

“No it makes her look old,” another added.

Vanderpump Rules season 10 wrapped production in September and is expected to begin airing on Bravo sometime later this year or early next year.