Vanderpump Rules’ Katie Maloney Shares Status of Divorce and Tom Talks “Boundaries” as They Remain Friends Amid Divorce

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Pump Rules' Katie Maloney Confirms Status of Divorce as Tom Shares Plans for Future Anniversaries and Talks "Boundaries" as They Maintain Friendship Amid Divorce

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz appeared alongside one another on her podcast on Friday, where the former Vanderpump Rules couple opened up about where they stand with one another amid their divorce.

Just two days after what would’ve been their sixth wedding anniversary, Katie confirmed her marital status with Tom as he shared his hopes for their future wedding anniversaries while admitting that the two of them have “boundaries” when it comes to the friendship they’re doing their best to maintain.

“I feel like I would be remiss to not acknowledge our anniversary this year because we are still technically married until later this year,” Katie revealed on the August 19 episode of You’re Gonna Love Me, via E! News.

As Katie and Tom prepare to finalize their divorce in the coming months, Tom is admitting that when it comes to rewatching their August 2016 wedding on Pump Rules, he’s not so sure he wants to do so. After all, he’s only “seen like 40 percent of it” and doesn’t want to ruin his off-camera memories.

“I like the way it’s preserved perfectly in my mind, and I don’t want to tarnish it,” he explained, deeming the Northern California nuptials as the “best wedding ever.”

“My favorite wedding, objectively, and I’ve been to a lot. It was magical. [I] might go back and watch the episode—not drunk though, then I’ll be a sad sack,” he noted.

Although looking back at his and Katie’s special day would certainly be emotional for Tom, he’s not opposed to celebrating their anniversary in future years.

“Moving forward, since we’re so close, we should just go and get drunk and have a delicious dinner on our anniversary,” he said. “We can invite friends and stuff.”

As Pump Rules fans have likely seen, Katie and Tom have made a point to stay friends amid their split, and they’ve even gone out together for meals and traveled with friends.

“We’re still hanging out,” Tom confirmed. “Not in an unhealthy, exorbitant way, but we give each other space, boundaries. We’re still buddies, we still check in on each other.”

They’re also still sharing custody of their two dogs, Butter and Gordo VonFriendenheimer.

“We still got a good little unit here,” Tom added.

Continuing on, Tom said that while he’s not exactly “happier than [he’s] ever been,” he feels “very optimistic and grateful.”

“I’m happy that we’re still close. I think relatively speaking, we’ve done a damn good job divorcing each other,” he noted.

Earlier this month, Katie and Tom got the attention of their fans and followers on Instagram after sharing a photo of themselves enjoying a pool day.

“We hung out the other day, and you had posted on your story, and then I reposted it,” Katie said, via PEOPLE. “And I think people were a little confused by that.”

“We do see each other, but we were family for, you know, many, many, many years,” Katie explained. “And that’s been a priority to us, I think, throughout this entire process to maintain.”

Katie and Tom are currently in Mexico, where their Pump Rules castmate Scheana Shay is set to wed Brock Davies later this month.