Summer House’s Ciara Miller Calls Carl Radke a “Closeted A–hole” for Not Including Danielle in Proposal Plans to Lindsay as Mya Reacts

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Summer House’s Ciara Miller and Mya Allen Slam Carl Radke for Not Including Danielle Olivera in Proposal Plans to Lindsay Hubbard, As Mya “Sympathizes” with Danielle

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Ciara Miller and Mya Allen are calling out their co-star Carl Radke for not letting his fiancée Lindsay Hubbard’s best friend, Danielle Olivera, in on his plans to propose to the star during the latest season of Summer House.

“He’s kind of like a closeted a–hole sometimes,” Ciara recently said on Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast. This caught Mya, who was also present for the interview, “off guard,” though she does agree with Ciara’s assessment, adding, “she’s not wrong.”

The pair discussed Carl’s decision to only tell co-stars Kyle Cooke and newcomer Chris Leoni about the engagement plans despite Carl only knowing Chris for a “few months.” Yet, he kept Danielle in the dark despite her and Lindsay having been friends for years.

Ciara says that she found the whole ordeal “weird,” especially since Carl “used one of Danielle’s contacts to set up the engagement.”

“No disrespect to Chris, but like, you just met Chris, right? Chris knows this information, and then you’re going to put Danielle into the category of like the ‘girls in the house,’ like, she’s not really a girl in the house,” Mya stated.

In the midst of the drama currently playing out on season seven of Summer House, Mya is referring to Carl’s attempts to justify his reasoning behind not telling Danielle about his proposal. He’s saying it wasn’t wrong because he didn’t tell any of the women. Danielle was deeply offended, noting that she wasn’t just one of the women.

Danielle and Lindsay’s friendship has been in serious decline. They’ve struggled to maintain a relationship while clashing over the latter’s relationship with Carl.

Mya explained that she “sympathizes” with Danielle being caught in the middle of the engagement situation.

“I sympathize with her because it’s like I wouldn’t want to be in that situation with my best friend on such a big platform,” she said.

Ciara added that though Danielle may not have expressed herself in the most appropriate way, she believes that Danielle tried to rectify the situation the best she could.

“I do think she did end up trying in some ways, knowing she didn’t show up in all the best ways,” she said. “She tried.”

Lindsay, Carl, and Danielle have remained at odds since filming wrapped. However, all parties have expressed hope that they can eventually repair their friendships at some point in the future.

Viewers will next see the trio face off at the show’s season seven reunion, which Lindsay and Andy Cohen have teased as a “storm.”

Summer House currently airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.