Kim Zolciak’s 911 Call is Leaked After Kroy Threatens Kidnapping Charges, Plus Kroy Thanks Fans for Support Amid Divorce Drama

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Kim Zolciak’s 911 Call Leaked After Kroy Threatens Kidnapping Charges, Listen Here! Plus, Kroy Posts "Grateful" Comment Thanking Fans

Credit: iamKevinWong/MEGA

As Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann’s divorce grows more contentious by the day, new details have emerged surrounding the alleged kidnapping scheme accusations made by Kroy against his estranged wife.

As previously reported, earlier this month, multiple calls came into an Alpharetta, Georgia, police department in reference to domestic disturbances between Kim and Kroy after the former NFL player accused The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum of orchestrating a kidnapping plot. This occurred after she asked a female friend to pick up their young son, KJ, for a playdate.

In the newly revealed audio of Kim’s nearly three-minute 911 call obtained by TMZ, Kim can be heard telling the operator, “I have a situation here. My husband is threatening me with kidnapping.”

Kim iterates to the operator that her friend was being “harassed” by Kroy, leaving her young son “shaking and hysterically crying.”

“And now I’m just going to leave and just go pick him up to prevent this situation,” Kim continued. “I just don’t know what else to do that this point.”

Kim then further explained the situation (and confirmed she and Kroy are still living under the same roof) to the emergency dispatcher, saying, “I dropped my son off. I live in the manor; I dropped my son off at the front gate. They were going to the rodeo, whatever. My husband, we’re going through a divorce, came in and said he was going to file kidnapping charges on her.”

Kim said she responded, “Absolutely not,” and that she agreed that her friend could take KJ on the outing. She also claimed that she called her lawyer to make sure that her actions did not constitute kidnapping, which it did not, according to Kim.

Oddly, Kim went off on a tangent accusing Kroy of stealing her handbag, which contained divorce papers in them. The RHOA OG then admitted that her call was “petty,” and she made the call because she was “frantic and in the moment,” noting that Kroy has “been known to do crazy things.”

Before ending the call, Kim gave the operator a forewarning, “I don’t feel like this is going to be the end of it, to be honest with you, tonight. So, I will probably call you back rather than kind of go back and forth with this and the police.”

It seems no police were ever actually dispatched, and there was no imminent harm to any of the parties involved, only that KJ was “clearly distraught.”

Take a listen to the full call below:

Sources close to Kroy told the outlet that the situation was the result of “bad communication.” As per the phone call, Kim had given her friend permission to pick up KJ for a trip to the rodeo. However, Kroy had “no idea” that Kim had made said plans.

The insider added that Kroy is “deeply distrustful” of Kim’s friend and that’s why he appeared “on edge.” Furthermore, Kroy allegedly demanded that the woman bring back his son, and he was repeatedly hung up on, leading to the threats of filing kidnapping charges.

Amid the escalating drama, Kroy took it upon himself to upload a reflective post referencing “loyalty” and his “journey of self-improvement.”

In the comments section, he thanked his fans for their unwavering support.

“I am so grateful for the support and positivity,” he wrote. “I wish I could reply to ALL of you personally! Please know that I see EVERYONES comments, and I appreciate them so very much!! Love you all!!”