REPORT: RHONY Star Jessel Taank Threw Up at Premiere Party and Was Forced to Leave Early as She Defends Herself & Explains What Happened

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RHONY's Jessel Taank Speaks Out After Being Escorted Out of Season 14 Premiere Party After Puking on Carpet and Stairs, What Really Happened?

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Jessel Taank released a statement on her Instagram Story on Thursday after a report claimed she was escorted out of the Real Housewives of New York City premiere party the previous night.

After the report suggested that after walking the red carpet with her castmates, including Jenna LyonsSai De SilvaUbah Hassan, Brynn Whitfield, and Erin Dana Lichy, Jessel puked “all over” the Rainbow Room, Jessel addressed the accusations.

“The most offensive thing about this story is they got my age wrong and added several years to me.. and so it begins,” Jessel wrote in the first of two posts shared on July 13.

Then, with a second post, Jessel included an image of her husband, Pavit Randhawa, with one of their two-year-old twins Kai and Rio, and she said that she and her family were suffering from a stomach bug.

“I left the boys in Greece for the RHONY premiere and we ALL got a stomach bug. So glad these lil guys are feeling better today,” Jessel explained.

Jessel Tanks Speaks Out About Puking at RHONY Premiere Party

On Thursday, it was noted that Jessel had thrown up on a carpet and on stairs before making an early exit from the RHONY premiere party on Wednesday night.

“She did it right on the carpet,” one eyewitness shared with Page Six, noting that Jessel also puked “another time, too.”

Two other sources said Jessel later went to a private bathroom and vomited into the sink before leaving after Andy Cohen gave a speech about the upcoming season.

“She looked very pale and wasn’t smiling or interacting with a lot of people,” the first source explained. “At one point, she sat at a table by herself to catch her breath for a bit, and people pretty much left her alone.”

Once her things were put into bags and Andy’s speech concluded, Jessel was escorted out as she got sick once more and her fellow guests were directed around the soiled area.

“She was holding her stomach and had her hand over her mouth,” the source shared. “She then stopped and puked at the top of the stairs. … It seemed to be just liquid and was absorbed into the carpet pretty quickly.”

The insider went on to deny that alcohol was involved.

“She had flown in from Greece the night before and was running on no sleep,” a source close to Jessel explained. “Absolutely no alcohol was involved. It really could’ve been lack of sleep.”

Also at the event, Andy said the new cast was the “right group” for the RHONY reboot.

“Reinventing RHONY. Wow. How do you do that? What a task,” he noted to the crowd. “How to reboot a show with a legacy as brilliant as RHONY and with a group of all-stars who really made that show what it was? And the answer seemed simple: Just find a new group of women! No biggie! And guess what? We found the right group of women.”

The Real Housewives of New York City season 14 premieres Sunday, July 16, at 9/8c on Bravo.